Friday, November 06, 2009

Fair Warning

Hello my faithful blog readers (aka - my family and a random friend here and there)!!!
First of all, I am saddened by the fact that most of my blog friends have COMPLETELY STOPPED blogging. I check with hope everyday, and am very rarely thrown a bone. :( I tried encouraging some blog-activity by challenging some of you to a color tag and not a single one of you did it. :( (One said she would do soon and had a good reason, another at least told me it wasn't his thing, but the rest of you just ignored my fun. ) So sad. :(
Because of this, I have decided to step-up my blogging efforts! I am challenging myself to do more WRITING (along with my pics and vids), but I am also challenging myself to try and get the conversation going again, but getting you guys involved!!! This means that at least once a week, I will WRITE SOMETHING (who knows what) and I am implementing "Meme Mondays".
Now the actual definition of "meme" is long and scientific, but on the internet, it basically means "viral" or "immitated". It's something that SPREADS. Sometimes it refers to articles or videos that are spread rapidly, but in my case, it will be ACTIVITIES that will spread amongst us (and maybe beyond us). It might be a question (or series of questions), a game, or something else kookie and fun that I find. You can participate in the Meme in my comments section OR you can participate by doing your part of the Meme on your own blog if you have one. For those of you grandparents who are basically "blog stalkers" (reading but not writing), YOU, TOO, can participate. You can create your own account on blogger WITHOUT creating a blog - so you can sign in weekly and participate, or you can even participate in the comments without an account by clicking "anonymous" - and just signing your name at the bottom of your comment. The most important thing is THAT you participate, not HOW you participate!
I wanted to give you all FAIR WARNING. I expect you to come find me on Monday and I expect your full participation - ALL OF YOU! :)


Whitney said...

So i am a blog stalker. :) I do often keep up with your blog. I too check my blogger daily in hopes that someone i follow has posted something "juicy" to read. Blog reading seems to work for me given our circumstances. I couldn't finish a book if i wanted to. I look forward to all your writings.


Angie said...

Well in my defense it's hard to find 7 pink things in teh house when you have a boy :)!

Tracey said...


Brandie said...

Sounds like fun. I'm still learning the ropes of this blogging thing, but I like it!

Zipidee said...

Like the new Blog Face! I've several blogs in Draft but they sound more like bitchin than blogin so they remain in blog limbo.
I find it scary that as re read my blogs I find genetic glimpse's of Uncle Bobs fixation with one subject. My fixation is not his but fixed it is ;~)

Leslie said...

Angie, you were a pink girl before having that boy. Surely you didn't give it all up. :)

Ric, I assure you, you aren't Uncle Bobby. :) Blogs are for bitchin' as well as other bloggin'. :)