Monday, December 07, 2009

Meme Monday

Ok, so I'll fess-up. I kind of took last week off. It wasn't a planned vacation. Heck, I did more blogging when I was actually ON vacation. It's just that I came back from vacation and realized that I had SO MUCH to do. Work was busy, the family from Japan was in, the house needed cleaning, Christmas decorations needed finishing, laundry needed to be started and finished, unpacking needed to be done (I'll admit I still haven't done that one - Yikes, Poor Drew), and my baby got SICK! I still have about half of that stuff to do, but I have better perspective about it this week than I did last week. (This is mainly due to the fact that I have a half-decorated tree sitting in my periphery at the moment. Ahhhhhh.) Ok, so back to it this week, and again, I apologize for the impromptu blogcation. :)
For today's Meme, I'm going to kind of meld the meme with another common blog practice called the "Not me Monday". The Not Me blog is basically a way of fessing up to your shortcomings from the past week/weekend without actually taking any blame. It's pretty fun. Please join in, have fun, and I'll start!
I am NOT the girl that still has four (that's right, count them, FOUR) loads of clean clothes in my bedroom in piles needing to be folded or hung (and another in the dryer). I assure you, my bedroom floor is perfectly clean and spotless without a single item of clothing. I am also NOT the one with a suitcase full of random pieces of outfits that haven't been pulled out to wear yet from vacation a WEEK AND A HALF AGO!!! I promise I would NEVER be that irresponsible and messy. Ask Drew. It's absolutely NOT within my character.
I am also NOT the girl who showed up at the pediatrician on Friday with my daughter saying, "She had a slight fever last night and a VERY croupy cough, and was in contact with a cousin who has croup. But she hasn't been warm AT ALL today, so maybe I was just jumping the gun since she had been in contact with someone with croup, and she doesn't really have it," only to have the nurse tell me that she currently had a 103.5 temp. I promise that did NOT happen (nor did the shame and "proving my good mommyhood through other comments" that followed).
I am also NOT the GROWN WOMAN who sat on the couch with Christmas tree ornaments in clasped in my hands, feet curled under me singing "Christmas chimes are calling SANTA, SANTA!", "Come on, old Kris Kringle, down the Milky Way!" at the top of my lungs. Nope, not me. If you heard it from 3 streets over, it must have been your imagination that someone was being so childish and LOUD. I would NEVER be that silly or immature. Must have been one of your other neighbors.
Man, I'm sure glad I didn't do ANY of that (and didn't realize how many ridiculous things I had NOT done recently). What did you NOT do lately?
Love & Shipoopies,


Tracey said...

That was friggin hilarious! I loved reading this blog except for the part about Tucker being sick. Poor baby. I hope she is better now!

Brandie said...

I am NOT the mother of the toddler asleep in her diaper from before dance, or the three year old still clothed in her jacket, dance outfit and snow gear. I am also not the owner of the two suitcases that have exploded in our master bedroom or of the random shopping bags. I am NOT the housewife choosing to blog/play on facebook over my housely duties. That's surely not me