Friday, December 18, 2009

You're Gonna Miss This...Curiosity!

You're Gonna Miss This is a blog that tries to focus on the small blessings we sometimes overlook through the chaos. It's an attempt to cherish the moments that you know one day you will miss.
This week, I can't help but realize how much I cherish Tucker's endless curiosity and how much I will miss it one day when she's "too cool" to show intense curiosity for the world around her. She spends pretty much every minute of everyday figuring out how things work, the multiple things that can be done with any object, sounds things make (especially when banged together), and even her own abilities. She's discovering so much, mastering so many new skills, and increasing her vocabulary (including a few multi-word phrases now). I am amazed daily at how many things she can discover in a day. I will definitely miss watching her discover her world when these days are gone. What a sweet little wonder!
Checking out the piano on stage at Daddy's concert
Exploring (and conquering) the tree while it was still in the box

Pointing out every branch, light and ribbon on the tree for Mommy and Daddy to see

What are YOU going to miss?



Pam said...

What a cute, exhausting, wonderous stage she is in! Glad you have joined me!!

Brandie said... annoying and pestering as they can become, it's awesome to watch the wheels turn!

Natalie said...

As excited as I am to meet my baby, I am going to miss having her inside of me. I love feeling her hiccup and squirm around in there. I also love seeing my round belly and feeling amazed at what my body can do. Being pregnant is truly a wondrous experience.

Leslie said...

I agree, Natalie. I LOVED being pregnant - even with all the negatives. I found it to be magical (and came with the nice plus of not needing to suck in - haha!).