Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Just Don't Know!!

Those of you who know me (or read me regularly) know I can sometimes get worked-up over the misuse of our language. That's not to say I speak (or type) perfectly or that I judge everything I read or hear.


Some mistakes are just so blatant and inexplicable that they must be called-out. For instance:

I must admit, I've never actually set foot in a Bojangles. I think maybe once my in-laws brought me a biscuit from there, but that's the extent of my experience with the chain.

But I do sit at a red light right beside one every single time I come home from anywhere. Each time, as I sit there, I look at this sign and am FLABERGASTED... well, maybe flumoxed? Befuddled? Irritated... yes that's it. Irritated!!!

WHAT is with that apostrophe?!? It's not in the right place to make it an establishment owned by a guy named Bojangle (Bojangle's), NOR is it in the right place to make it a place owned by a group of people with the last name Bojangle (Bojangles'). The only other option for its purpose is as an accent (think fiance'), but I can't, for the life of me, figure out how the heck one stresses an "S" at the very end of a word.

Try it. It can't be done.

I am baffled. Is it for decor? Is it meant to be a hat for the letter s? Perhaps a feather, making the S either Native American or a Las Vegas showgirl?

I wish I knew Bojangle Smith OR a member of the family Bojangle.

This mystery is right up there with Amelia Earhardt (did anyone read that article this week?) and Area 51.


Love & Shipoopies,

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Camily said...

Hilarious! That IS irritating, especially from a company who you would think would have someone at some point in the advertising area notice their apostrophe issue. So funny!