Monday, December 20, 2010

This morning, I ran out the door, trying to rush the 2 year old into the car to take her to daycare and then back to work for myself. I shivered, locked the door, and then turned around to my car to discover that the hubs had scraped my windshield for me before leaving.

I have to say, girls (and guys), it almost doesn't get more romantic than that! I called him to tell him how great it was (and what a sweeping, romantic gesture it was)! I wanted to make sure he knew that those things aren't just NICE to me. They're gestures of love.

And I got to thinking how so many truly LOVING gestures - actions of TRUE romance - go unnoticed and unrecognized. We've been taught that the only things that matter in the romance department are flowers and jewelry. Which is sad to me because a dozen roses or generic necklace (though nice and beautiful) can be bought by any guy to give to any girl. That guy might have the same generic gift ten times over at his apartment to be given to any girl he goes on a couple of dates with. How has THAT become the symbol of love and romance.

Don't misunderstand me. Flowers are amazing! But to me, it's WAY more romantic to get my favorite flower (NOT roses) on a Tuesday just because he thought of me than it is to get a gazillion roses on Valentine's Day. And as for jewelry, what lady would ever turn down a new piece of jewelry?!? But I'd much rather it be the ring he knows I've been looking for for ages and ages for my right hand than just some random piece of jewelry he saw in a commercial. (Or, let's face it, on our budget, just a pair of fake pearl earrings because he knows I'm obsessed with pearls or a new long, silver necklace because he know mine broke.)

The thing I think all guys (and girls) need to be reminded of (or perhaps taught for the first time) is that romance isn't just about a gift. Romance is thoughtfulness. Romance is showing that you love her and KNOW her. (Or that you know HIM and love HIM, gals!)

Romance is knowing your partner has had a long, hard day and stopping to get her (not your) favorite fast food on the way home without being asked. Romance is grabbing her favorite candy, soda, or chips when you're at the gas station just because you know they're her favorite. Romance is grabbing the newest book by his favorite author because you know he's dying to read it. Romance is quietly giving an assuring hand squeeze and whispering "I love you" or "you're amazing" when you know she's in a hard situation and needing encouragement.

Romance is scraping her windshield before you leave the house because you know she'll have your daughter to tend to and because you know she doesn't have a scraper and is too short to reach the middle parts.

Romance isn't dead, folks. It's just too often going unnoticed for what it is.

Love & Shipoopies,

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