Thursday, December 02, 2010

Some Random Ridiculousness

*Yesterday, I was watching an episode of Cold Case and trying to work out who the killer was in my head as the show went along (which is my favorite murder-mystery activity - figuring it out before they tell you). I was alone in the room, so I was venturing my guess aloud to myself and then realized the flaw in my first guess and said, "Nevermind." Aloud. To myself.

That can't be good.

*While watching a clip on the news about how Elizabeth Smart stormed out during a doctor's testimony at her kidnapper/rapist's trial, one legal analyst said, "I think the jury might get the feeling that she was unhappy with his testimony."


*We passed a Santa Claus (real beard, real hair, red valour suit, red car) on the way to church Sunday. Tucker (who is still very scared of Santa, but excited about the toys she might get) said, "Santa brings toys and on the phone and GO AWAY, SANTA!!!!!!"

This could be a VERY interesting Christmas if we scream at Santa everytime we see him.


Love & Shipoopies,

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Kelli @ RTSM said...

LOL at screaming at Santa! My boys were never big fans of Santa either...we still haven't taken the normal sit on Santa's lap picture:)