Friday, December 17, 2010

A Story Told

I know that everyone's Christmas tree is unique. Some are perfectly decorated with everything matching - like it belongs in a magazine. Some are covered with hand-made ornaments weathered over the years. Some have white lights. Some have colored. They have tinsel, garland, ribbon, icicles, candy canes, and pine cones. Everyone has their own way of dressing up their tree.
Mine falls somewhere in the middle of the "everything matches" and homemade ornaments trees. But the best part of my tree is that it tells a story. Each year as we unwrap ornaments and place them on the tree, I am surrounded by memories of days gone by.
This ornament belonged to my Munner (until she gave it to me). She collected angels (and I have quite a few angels given to me from her that I will always cherish).
This Santa was always near the tree at my parents' house. (It's pretty heavy, so it wasn't always able to hang ON the tree.) He was one of my favorites and I would hide him pretty regularly so I could look at him without being bothered. (Tucker has taken to stroking his beard as well.)

This ornament was given to me during one of the years I played (and sang) with a handbell choir at the church where the hubs and I were married.

This Mrs. Claus (and her matching husband, who holds a teddy bear) always hung on my Mama's tree. They always spoke to me as a child - I suspect because they were very childlike - holding a kitten and a bear with rosy cheeks and gentle smiles.

This ornament was, in my mind, ME as a child. :)

My Munner gave me this ornament. I'm a BIT of a pearl freak. I could wear pearls everyday of the year and be perfectly fine with that.

This is my Alabama bear - representing my years spent at the University of Alabama.

This is a Shorter ornament - from Drew's year's in college.

And this year, we decided to help make the tree Tucker's story as well. We let her pick out an ornament that she loves to help make the tree hers. I look forward to adding her story (and likes and dislikes) to our tree over the years.

What kind of tree do YOU have?
Love & Shipoopies,


Zipidee said...

A tree with those same memories hanging from it. At the top of our tree is an angel your Aunt Jacci made 33 years ago, She smiles at us all day. Our decorations accrue exponentially and we will have to add another tree to our house soon.
Your Aunt Doris has the right idea, a tree for every room ;~)

Brandie said...

We get a family ornament (to represent a challenge or event of that year...this years was a grouping of words saying "Proud to Serve" since Ryan is deployed.

Then, each child gets an ornament for something they did that year. It's fun because the girls are "getting into" their ornaments and retelling the story to each other!