Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Reason I Haven't Blogged... that although I've had a ton of random thoughts, none of them are a full blog alone. You know what that means? You're about to be on the receiving end of a blog full of randomness. :) How lucky are YOU?!?

Things I'm loving right now:
*Oikos Greek Yogurt with caramel - Dude, seriously!
*Mr. Sunshine's theme song - "Mr. Sunshine, yeah." - Very Juno-esque.
*Mr. Sunshine (the actual show), Castle, Sex in the City reruns, How I Met Your Mother reruns
*Still using my Peanuts Christmas mugs for coffee as oft as I can.
*That most days for the past 2 weeks, it's been warm enough for flip flops, short sleeves, and my homemade iced coffees
*Amy Farrah-Fowler on "Big Bang Theory". I mean, what's not to like? The show is HILARIOUS! Her character gives me at least 3 spit-takes every episode, and HELLO?!? She's BLOSSOM!!!
*Jimmy Palmer on NCIS (the original) - he's a minor character, but they have developed him expertly. He's goofy and quite funny. Love him!

Things driving me nuts lately:
*People so sure of their rightness in all situations that they never, ever consider anyone else's opinions or thoughts
*Being exhausted and overwhelmed, so much so that even when I have free-time, I'm so burned-out that I can't seem to get myself back on track. I find myself sitting and staring instead of digging myself out.

Other random thoughts:
*You know it's been a rough busy season at work when, on the first day we're allowed to take off (in 6 weeks), no fewer than 4 people (on a team of fewer than 20) called in sick. Granted, I actually had a kid with a 102+ fever, but I'm guessing at least a couple of the other 3 were taking "mental health" days. ;)
*Little Caesar's - Their whole "catch" is that they can be your emergency "I don't have time to even wait on fast food" dinner? Really? There's never a word about taste or quality; nothing mentioned about service or how much you'll want to return. Just "we can have crappy pizza ready for you in a moment's notice on any day when you've given dinner so little thought that you can't even wait 3 minutes for a burger at a drive-through." Awesome.
*T came home from daycare talking about her little sister who was at lunch. It went something like this: "My little sister's at lunch, so we can't see her, but she's crying, so we need to get her some juice." ???? I have no idea. She apparently talked about this mysterious little sister to her teachers yesterday as well. My kid is hysterically crazy. :)

And then there's this gem of a conversation T and I had the other morning while getting ready for school.

T: OOW! My head hurts!

Me: What's wrong with your head?

T: It's SOOO too big!

Me: Does it hurt 'cause it's too big?

T: Yeah. *She wraps her hands around her neck and pulls up on her head.* Ugh! It won't come off!

Yep, that's my life and I love it!

Love & Shipoopies,

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I love reading your blog! :o)