Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Rose is a Rose... but an Almond?

Anyone ever really contemplated Almonds? Probably not, I guess. I never really did until this weekend when I opened a new pack of coffee called "Toasted Almond". I was expecting this smoky, toasty, yummy, nutty flavor in my coffee. Want to know what it tastes like?


Now, I know that amaretto is "almond-flavored" which, I always assumed, means it's made from almond oil. Thankfully, I like amaretto flavoring, but have you ever really thought about almonds and amaretto being the same? They're completely different beasts. It's like learning that corriander and cilantro are the same thing at different stages. (True story, folks.)

And then there's toasted almonds which, to me, when you get them on a salad, don't taste really like almonds OR amaretto. It's like a third incarnation of this crazy little nut.

And don't even get me STARTED on how cherry Runts taste like amaretto, 'cause they do. Try them.

So I have cherry candy that tastes like almond oil, toasted nut coffee that tastes like almond oil, and two forms of nut that don't taste like either of them.

I guess to heck with it! Give me some sour mix and a glass of ice!

Love & Shipoopies,


Jake said...

Another random, fun fact: in Britain, you say 'coriander leaves' or 'coriander seeds', never 'cilantro'.

Jen T said...

“If nuts were musical genres, peanuts would be like, you know, rock and roll. Walnuts are very close to the peanuts, almost like British rock. An almond is very, like elegant, it’s like ballet, it’s like classical. Hazelnuts are like, hippie nuts. (Pistachios), it’s like… pop.” - Richard Blais, Top Chef