Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things I Don't Get...

1.) How can you make and HOLD eye contact with someone, say at the grocery store or at your kid's daycare, and not smile. I mean, I get we're all in our own world sometimes and don't notice people, but if you make and hold eye contact, why the stern face? Lift those cheeks, people.

2.) When lanes are merging in traffic or construction or any other similar situation, why do some people REFUSE to just do the "one from my lane, one from your lane" routine? Why is there always one guy (or sometimes 10 of them in a row) who looks at you and then slams the gas to close the gap, refusing to let a car in, then slamming on their brakes so they don't hit the car in front of them?

3.) When exiting a parking lot (or subdivision) where there's a left turn lane and a right turn lane, why do people in the left turn lane INSIST on pulling up farther when they know they aren't going to be the first to go since they're waiting on two directions of traffic when the right lane is only waiting on one lane? And why is this habit more consistently practiced by people in GIANT vehicles - Hummers, FedEx trucks, School buses?

4.) Why do some waiters/waitresses not get the line between being friendly to get a good tip and driving me crazy by not leaving me alone? I want you to be friendly. A little banter is good. But when I can't have a conversation with the people at my table (you know, the ones I chose to come have a meal with?) because you continue to tell stupid stories and jokes and will NOT go away, it makes me want to tip you less, not more. And if you talk so long after finding out my requests/order that you forget anything special I asked for and, thus, get my order wrong, I am even more irritated with you. It's not that hard of a line to find, guys (and gals).

5.) How is a skim milk Caramel Mocha from McDonald's so amazing at some McDonald's and scorched swill at others? (Thankfully, I got a really good one on my lunch break today.)

What don't YOU get?

Love & Shipoopies,

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