Monday, April 05, 2010

Meme Mondays

Man did we have a GREAT Easter! Church was wonderful (both services). The choir rocked it (if I do say so myself, which I do). Lunch with our besties, the Halls, was GOOD and FUN! Tucker was beautiful and had a blast!!!
Speaking of Easter, I've discovered (partially through discussing traditions with my husband as we develop them for our family and partially through looking at other peoples' Easter pictures) that Easter traditions vary GREATLY! I always enjoy learning what other people "always do".
In MY family, the Easter Bunny always HID our baskets. So when we woke up, we had to rush around the house to find them. Is it in the dryer? Behind the couch? In a closet? It was always fun. Sometimes we left carrots on the porch for Mr. Bunny, sometimes not. We always went to church. We always hunted eggs with the cousins at Munner's (my grandmother's). And my favorite tradition is my mother and I always picked out a pattern and fabric and we (and by we, I mean SHE) made my Easter dress each year. :)
Tucker was too young for most traditions this year (though she did officially receive her Daddy's childhood Easter basket this year), but we definitely discussed what we did and what we want to do.
These things matter, ya know?
So what are YOUR Easter traditions?
Love & Shipoopies,


Jen T said...

First of all, these pictures are precious and your little family could not look happier! I love T's dress! I really like the idea of using one basket every year. We seemed to get new ones every year. Andy started last year where he wanted to watch Passion of the Christ on Good Friday, so we did that again this year. He kinda moved away from the Easter bunny aspect of it this year, but still wanted the candy - can't blame him for loving the chocolate!

Brandie said...

I adore all the bubbles! I also like the idea of hiding the baskets! I decided to decorate the house for holidays (like st Patty's/Easter/Valentines) over night...complete with streamers and confetti. I told Ryan that once the girls start to expect it, then random areas are going to start getting decorated...imagine how funny it would be for them to get up and expect to see the kitchen decorated at breakfast...but NOTHING....then they go to get ready for school, open their closet door and WHAM tons of streamers/balloons come rolling out, or as teenagers NOTHING is decorated in their house but they get in their car and can't sit/see because of all the decorations...

or maybe I'm just a nutcase.

He & Me + 3 said...

Tucker looks adorable. I love her dress. So cute. Great family picture. It is nice to see you in the picture.
We do the same things that your family did.
That bubble picture was awesome too!