Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Random-filled thuRsday

(See how I did that? Used a RANDOM letter to match my random? Does that work for you? Huh? Does it?)

Today, I'm just full of random thoughts. None of them is really long enough to be an entire blog on its own, so I'm doing a spattering of thoughts. :)

* Why is it that we can deal with negative/difficult stuff more easily when it's part of the plan? And conversely, why is it so much harder to deal with a difficult change when you can see the light at the end of the tunnel and that change throws a big, dark blanket over that light? (Can you tell I had a rough schedule-change at the end of my work day today?)

* Due to that change, I could NOT make it to choir rehearsal tonight which meant that T and I were on our own for dinner. Now, I'm adhering strictly to Weight Watchers right now, so every other night lately that we've had dinner on our own, I've stir-fried some chicken and veggies. Tonight, however, (somewhat because of the aforementioned irritation at work) I decided we needed to get out of the house and get a treat. So we went to Sonic. I looked up Points values before going and had a plan as to what I could get to stay within my day's target. (Yea, me!) We had LOADS of fun! We love their food AND getting to dance while we eat. :)

However, at one point, one of the carhops came by, saw T and immediately stopped to speak to her. Now, this isn't totally unusual as (in case you haven't noticed), my child is ADORABLE and full of personality. However, the carhop said, "I just have on regular shoes tonight. I know she's looking for my skates. She usually LOVES the skates."

My.jaw.dropped. (And my embarassment level did a little skyrocketing.)

Do I really hit Sonic SO OFTEN that the carhops know my child on sight AND remember things she likes? Geez! That's just sad. :) However, we DID get a free ice cream cone coupon out of it all, since we're such regular customers and all. :)

*Those of you who know me (and perhaps some of you regular readers as well) probably know that I am a MUSIC person. My life has a constantly-running soundtrack. I'm one of those people who spontaneously bursts into song on a regular basis. It could be because you said a line from a song OR because you said something that made me think (subject-wise) of a song OR because the song was running in my head and I don't even realize that I've started singing it aloud. My scrapbooking friends laugh because I frequently start singing without realizing it. I'll just hear, "Leslie, you're singing again." haha!

And the soundtrack, it's not singularly-focused. Oh no! I have numbers from pretty much every genre and age floating around up there. I like it all and I KNOW THE WORDS!!!

The strangest time period/genre of music floating around up there is all thanks to my big brother, Scooteroo (that's Scott for all you normal folks). When he was in high school and I in late middle school/early high school, it was pretty much the heyday of rap becoming mainstream. I'm talking Fresh Prince (that's Will Smith in a previous life to you youngin's out there) days. I listened to this kind of hip-hop/rap "rhythmic spitting" (as my mother always called it) through my bedroom wall quite a bit for a few years there. I never realized how much they stuck with me until they became a part of my soundtrack.

There's one in particular that frequents my mind. I couldn't tell you the name of the song or who recorded it, but anytime I'm really knocking something OUT OF THE PARK, in my mind, I start singing, "I'm doin' it and doin' it and doin' it GOOD!" It's not a choice. It's just there. THIS is the song that my brain thinks expresses my hard work paying off, apparently.

Thanks, Scoot!

* I decided sort of spur of the moment yesterday afternoon to try and teach T her last name. Not sure where it came from in my mind, but we said it over and over between daycare and WalMart (a whole quarter of a mile, in case you're wondering) and by the time we got to WM, she could tell all of her grandparents (and her Daddy's voicemail) that her name was "Tutter Buyers". Well, it's close anyway. :)

* I am THOROUGHLY DISAPPOINTED that NO ONE played my "guess what my favorite part of this video is" game on the Hanson song. I KNOW that some of you could figure it out if you watch the video carefully. SOOO... I decided that the first person who figures out what in that video you know I would LOVE (due to past ramblings) will get a PRIZE in the mail from ME!!!

Game on, folks!!!

Rambling Complete. Mischief Managed.

Love AND Shipoopies,


He & Me + 3 said...

That is exactly how it is at the Dunkin Donuts. Everyone knows our order and gives Stunt Man free things that he loves because we are there everyday.
WE love sonic too. Their happy hour is so fun!

Camily said...

Hilarious! The Sonic story totally made me laugh! We go to Sonic for our Happy Hour drinks a couple of times a week. So funny!

And I liked your random ThuRsday!

McCrakensx4 said...

WE frequent Sonic EVERY day (I am addicted to their diet cherry diet coke!) so Grace (our car hop) knows us by car and name! too funny! And I didn't forget about the dress...I am so sorry I haven't gotten back to is coming to an end and it has been CRAZY BUSY! (only 14 days left) I promise to get with you about it! Thanks again!