Monday, April 19, 2010

Meme Mondays

It's Monday again, and this week I have no clouds of trepidation hanging over my head so I should actually be BLOGGING this week. :)

For this week's activity, I thought maybe we could do some "Getting to know you... getting to know all about you." Are you GAME? (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)

Man, I apparently woke up with my corny pants on this morning. :) tee-hee

In my attempts to figure out how to introduce myself for the blogger party, I found that there are MANY things you gals (and/or guys) may not know about me, in spite of the fact that I'm pretty much an open book. :)

So here's what I'd like us to do today. Everyone give me 5 adjectives, 3 nouns, and 2 fun facts all about YOU! Be creative and revealing. :)

As usual, you can post in my comments OR on your own blog. If you post on your own blog (to continue the fun, in TRUE meme fashion) please leave me a link in my comments so I'll know to check you out! :)

Here goes:

goofy, tender-hearted, talkative, clever, outgoing

over-thinker, Pollyanna, wannabe

*I was flashed and then stalked (by the same guy) while in college. (I affectionally refer to him as "Pen** guy" in my stories. tee-hee)
*I have dreams of writing a book (experiences, not instructions) on nursing one day.

Have fun! I hope to learn more about all my bloggy friends!

Love & Shipoopies,


Brandie said...

Hmm for Adjectives

unintentionally funny, loyal, loud, happy, inventive

dreamer, worrier, nurturer

I adore anything movies (even the bad ones)/books/cartoons/musicals/etc

I love sewing, it relaxes me and is what I do to get centered.

Mandapooh said...

resourceful, bright, challenging, changing, and appreciative.

dreamer, artist, sugar-addict

When I was able to figure out what a sentence was for a specific crime in New York, I decided it was time to cut back on my crime dramas, especially Law & Order.

My fav song right now is Boom Boom Pow - it gets me up and moving. How funny is that?!

Darcie said...

How fun and a great way being a new follower to get to know is mine.

5 A's...persistent, loyal,calm, sincere, vivacious.

3 N's...mother, wife, dreamer(seems 3 of us are)

2 Facts...I love blogging, probably too much, but love how it inspires me to put my feelings into words.

I have lived in 5 different states since my husband and I got married 17 years ago, and have loved the adventure it offers.

Brandie said...

Wonder what we all dream about?

Leslie said...

A few things:

1.) I didn't put dreamer, but I definitely fit in that category.

2.) Brandie - I feel the same way about sewing.

3.) Mandy - Boom Boom Pow? Really? hahahaha!

4.) Darcie - Vivacious may be one of the best adjectives ever!!!

5.) Brandie - I think we should all answer that. What's one thing you dream about?

He & Me + 3 said...

Adjectives: Sarcastic, Organized, Friendly

Noun: Shopper, Scrapbooker, procrastinator

I am self diagnosed OCD
I can't leave the house without it being picked up completely.
But I hate to dust.

Camily said...


1. 5 A's: funny, happy, goofy, creative, stubborn (but I prefer to think of it as "persistent")

2. 3 nouns: mother, wife, organizer

3. Two facts: If my house gets too messy/dirty, I get really grumpy!

I can't go too long without doing something creative--it's my escape!

Natalie said...

compassionate, crunchy, analytical, anxious, persistent

momma, multitasker, researcher

I am intrigued by dwarfs and would love to be able to watch all of the little people shows on TLC.

I feel very soothed by having a well-stocked pantry and I have never been forced to go without food.

Mandapooh said...

Let's see...
I dream of making a difference in my world, of being the best possible version of myself, vacationing in a castle (esp. library), being debt free, riding horses in the Highlands of Scotland (in true Braveheart fashion), writing a book, taking a picture that is so beautiful it can make you cry, I'm not sure there's an end to what I dream about.