Thursday, April 08, 2010

My Requisite Doctor's Note - well, sort of...

...Okay, so actually, it's just an excuse... well, multiple excuses - but they're GOOD. Does that help?

You see, it's SPRING BREAK... for Drew. Now, I don't have a school job, so I don't get Spring Break, but I did take the last 3/5 of the week off to help Drew celebrate. Now, I wasn't yet celebrating Spring Break Tuesday. I was working. But I was so excited at the prospect of being off work, that I couldn't focus on a blog (not even one preparing you for my almost certain blogging absence).

Then Wednesday, we went HERE:

"More fish. More fish."
Then today, we were SUPPOSED to get the pictures made by the delightful lady (and parent of one of the hubs' past students and one of his current students AND wife of our used to be pastor before the hubs got a new church job) who took THESE:

But it rained... or well, the rain was SO NEAR that we couldn't IMAGINE it would hold off long enough for us to take pictures. It did, of course. But we had already postponed, so we'll be doing them first thing tomorrow morning.
THEN we're loading up the bikes (or if they won't fit, renting some once we get there) and headiang to see some of this *hopefully*.

So see, even WITHOUT a note from the doctor, my absences are forgiveable... well understandable anyway... sort of... I hope. :)
Love & Shipoopies,


Brandie said...

You are my use a leash. I'm so about to be way I can do three kids without some type of restraint...Anna isn't that obedient...yet

Camily said...

Think of them as "mental health" days! You definitely need this!

He & Me + 3 said...

Everyone needs to be absent once in a while. Cute pictures...sorry the photo shoot was cancelled.

mommablogsalot said...

That aquarium looks awesome - I've been wanting to take my four year old to one but there really arent any good ones around.

He & Me + 3 said...

Hey Girl...just checking to make sure we are all set for Free 4 All Fridays for tomorrow? Let me know. I will have it set to go at midnight Eastern time.
Thanks Mimi:)