Friday, May 28, 2010

Fabulous Friday!!!

OH, Friday, I love you every week. I truly do. Much like my daughter, you ALWAYS hold a special place in my heart - no matter how near or far you are. But also like my daughter, sometimes when I'm with you, it's just MAGICAL!!! Today is one of those days. I am in dire need of a visit with you and your friends, Saturday and Sunday (who you always, so graciously, bring for a visit). The magical part of today is, that you also arranged for your friends Monday and Tuesday to take off of work and come see me as well. :) It's such a sweet gift you are bringing me today and I appreciate it greatly!

Other than resting (which I truly plan on doing), I will spend my weekend hammering out the details for next Saturday, when we will spend the day celebrating the 2 years it took for THIS:

To become THIS:

The invitations have been made and sent:

The meal has been planned (and as a VERY smart Mommy, I've enlisted ALL the grandparents to bring part of the meal so it's not all on me).
The favors have been made and assembled:

Now I just have to STEAL -- ahem -- creatively copy my friend Carrie's birthday banner and about 10,000 other tiny details. :)
On another note, Go visit Kelli @
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Love & Shipoopies,


McCrakensx4 said...

What a fun time! Love those cute! You are way creative!

Jen T said...

You crack me up & I LOVE what you can do with paper! T is gorgeous! Have fun on your long vacation..I'll hold the fort down until you get back (pray for me!) jen

He & Me + 3 said...

Those are the cutest invites ever. I can't wait to see all the party pictures. Adorable. great job.

Stacy said...

Those are some cute invites and the kids are gonna love the buckets!!!