Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some time ago, I posted a picture of T sleeping in her crib, showing just a hint of her bedroom. My dear friend, Mimi (at He & Me + 3) asked to show the rest of her room. [I did it more than 2 years ago when we first changed it from the pea-green "art gallery" (aka - place where all our pictures were still sitting on the floor from our move), but since I am drawing a blank on what else to write today (and too busy at work to really brainstorm something fabulous), I decided this was a great time to fulfill her request. :) ]

*PS - I LOVE painting walls in designs AND decorating kids rooms and have a small, in-my-freetime business doing so if anyone's interested. :) haha!

(I had a hard time finding a rocker in which my feet comfortably reached the floor for rocking and nursing. We finally found this wicker rocker that worked well.)

This one was taken right after a baby shower - before the stuff was hung on the walls and with tons of gifts in view. :)

I hand-painted the letters in her name with patterns from her bedspread.
*Look closely and you can see my big, pregnant belly in the mirror. :) *

This is the wall as it looks now.

These rabbits belonged to Laura Katherine (Tooter Booter, who I mentioned here). The books were hers and then our sweet Anna Elise's (Tucker Elise's namesake) before that.

I made these (in the pre-cricut days, even) to match the fishies on her bedspread.

To answer what is probably your question at this point (unless you knew us then), YES, we did know she was going to be a girl. We didn't want a PINK room. (We weren't against pink being in it - just not ALL PINK.) It made for a difficult time finding something that wasn't characters, pink, overtly male, or just plain ugly - that we BOTH liked. And it also caused some of our parents to flip-out a bit and ask us things like, "Why do you HATE pink?!?" "You HAVE to let her have SOME pink things SOMETIME!!!" -- fun stuff like that. It was REAL drama. :) hahaha! We just aren't into gender-specific stuff. We both think girls can wear blue and boys can wear pink and that's just ok. :)
To be clear - we don't hate pink. She has lots of it - just not on her walls. :) hahaha!

Love & Shipoopies,


He & Me + 3 said...

OMWord Leslie! I love it. You can so come over and redo Stunt man's room. I would totally pay you. we didn't do pink for the girls either.

McCrakensx4 said...

Oh I LOVE the paint on the walls...the design is so great! and the whole layout of the room for that matter! I am no creative in that sence AT ALL!!! I need help! We have lived in our house going on 7 years and my boys (and entire house for that matter) have white walls with nothing on them....sigh...wanna come to AZ??! Great job!