Saturday, May 08, 2010

One Lovely Lady

I hope you'll indulge me for a bit today.

I want to tell you about one of my favorite people in the WHOLE world.

My Mama!

Now, I'm sure most people love their moms. I bet at least half of those people even LIKE their moms. I think it just comes with the territory.


I ADORE and ADMIRE my Mama.

She is my BEST girlfriend in the world. I talk to her every. single. day. (sometimes 2 or 3 times). When I am irritated, I call Mama. When I'm excited, I call Mama. When I'm bored, I call Mama. When I'm driving... well, you get the point. She's the person (other than my husband, of course) with whom I share all of myself. She knows me inside and out - the good and the bad, the normal and the ridiculous. She's really a wonderful friend!

She's also one of the most thoughtful, giving people I've ever met. She's a teacher, and her life is spent at the school. She tutors (for free), teaches review classes for ACT/SAT prep, does projects around the school constantly, helps with just about anything needed, is a rep for AEA, sponsors blood drives, helps organize the local Special Olympics, helps organize a Christmas party (with gifts, food, Santa, and presents for the kids to wrap and take to their families) for children in need in the community... the list goes on and on. And on a smaller scale, she always has our favorite things at her house when we come for a visit, helps clean my house when she comes here, cooks for me whether we're visiting here OR there, gets up early with T so I can sleep in when we're visiting... well, the list goes on there as well.

But here's the thing I love the MOST about my Mama (other than the whole giving birth/raising me thing). She is the most well-intentioned person I have EVER met. I, of course, don't mean that in the "well, it may not have been done well, but her intentions were good" sort of way. I mean that no matter WHAT my mother does, I know that it's coming from a good place in her heart. As far as I know, she has NEVER done anything out of spite or a mean-spirit. Even if I don't understand or agree with a choice she makes, I KNOW that she made it with thoughtfulness, prayer, and good-intentions. She ALWAYS means the best and wants the best for those she encounters. I am AMAZED at how kind and well-intentioned her heart always is.

I hope that as I grow, I can learn to have a spirit as kind, generous, and thoughtful as hers. If I can grow up to be half the lady she is, I'll have done a pretty good job here on this Earth.

I love you, Mama (with more Shipoopies than you can count),


He & Me + 3 said...

What a super sweet post about your Mom. She sounds wonderful. Isn't it a blessing to have such a wonderful mom that is your bestest friend. I adore mine too.
Happy MOther's Day to you too!

Camily said...

You both sound pretty darn lucky to have each other! I have the same sort of relationship with my mom--talking several times a day, etc. I'm especially thankful for her today!

McCrakensx4 said...

What a super sweet post about your mom!! She sounds wonderful! I have the same kind of relationship with my mom! I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day too Leslie! Enjoy your day!

Natalie said...

Your Mom sounds like a great lady. I know how you feel about having a friend and a mom all at the same time. I hope to have that same bond with my little one. Hope you had a happy mother's day!