Monday, May 17, 2010

Meme Monday

My house is a WRECK!!! I don't mean the average "I have a 23 month old" kind of wreck. I mean the "We haven't had more than an hour free at a time since Christmas break" kind of wreck. Little things here and there have gotten done, but the overall picture has become overwhelming. We're usually better about getting it back under control regularly. We really are. But this semester, well... you know how people say, "I'm treading water"? I've not even been keeping it together THAT well this semester. The hubs has been busier than ever (and away from the house more than ever) this semester. I've been crazy busy at work with a million things outside of work going on as well. And then considering so many nights I've been single-momming it until past T's bedtime, by the time she's in bed and I have some free time, I'm EXHAUSTED, so I plop on the couch and sit. Yep, this semester, exhaustion has overcome my need for order.

The desire to CLEAN my house (the kind where you don't just get the normal stuff back to its rightful place, but where you also find those random stacks that usually get left 'cause at least they're neat and find a more logical home for them - the kind where you re-organize the garage and make multiple trips to Goodwill/consignment stores) has been overwhelming my brain the past week or so. One reason is because the mess is starting to overflow from my house into my brain! (Do you find that when your house is a mess, your thoughts become messier as well or is that just me? tee-hee) The other reason is that we're having a 2 year old birthday party at our house in 3 weekends (and the two weekends between, we'll be out of town). Yikes!!!

So I thought today, our Meme could include questions about cleaning and organizing. Ready?

1.) Are you a complete OCD neat-freak, a straightener, or a mess?

2.) What's your cleaning strategy? (ie - 30 min everyday, once a week, hire a maid)

3.) What's your BEST tip(s) to share for keeping/getting your house clean?

I'm TRULY interested in how all you supermoms (and dads) out there keep your house together when your lives are chaotic!

Love & Shipoopies,


Rebekah said...

1. I am an OCD Neat-Freak when it comes to my kitchen. After every meal I wipe my counters down with lysol wipes and sweep. The rest of the house I just straighten throughout the day.
2. I do one good cleaning once a week. But I pickup and wipe down everything throughout the week.
3. I really don't have any tips. I just try to pick up as the day goes so I don't get so overwhelmed doing it once a week.

I'm not a mom yet but I do keep a few kids at my house. I don't know how all you mom's doing every day all day!!

Natalie said...

When I came back to work I got overwhelmed with all the time required to pump/breastfeed and spend the time I want to with baby girl, so we hired someone to clean every 2 weeks.
So now I am responsible for laundry and keeping the house picked up. I do diapers every other day and usually do a load of clothes every few days so that we stay on top of that. I like bins for things so that it is obvious to my husband where it belongs and he can help put things back. Keeping up with the mail is my biggest challenge and the only thing I can do is go through it daily and make little piles for things like coupons, invitations, and magazines I hope to read if I ever have time.
My house never looks perfect, but I am usually not embarrassed for someone to ask to use the restroom either, which is what I strive for :)!