Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fessing Up

Confession time.

(I wonder how many times I've used that phrase on my blog. Hmm...)

I am a GLEEK!!! I LOVE this show! I don't get to watch it live because, well... because my husband won't even give it a try! But I do watch it and love it (and like all things I love in life), sometimes take notes on my favorite parts just in case I want to mention them to someone later. (I do this to any concerts I go to so I can remember the things I liked/didn't like/thought during the songs and discuss them with my husband, the musician, later in more detail than "Umm, yeah, it was really good. I really liked that one thing in that one song.")

Now, I try not to do too much TV talk on the blog because, well, if you've ever gone to a blog that does that about a show you don't watch, well, it's just a BIG let-down! Here I am at your blog waiting with baited breath for the wisdom/heartfelt story/laughter you will provide me, and instead I get an update on what was probably a very funny show that I don't get 'cause I didn't watch it.

However, I mentioned above. The hubs won't watch it. And I work at home. By myself. My only contact is through IM with people who DEFINITELY don't watch Glee. So... I have to share these thoughts with someone. Today, that someone is YOU. (How lucky are YOU?!?)

*I LOVE Puck's voice. Each time I hear him sing, I like it more. (And I found out he went to high school with my dear friend, Kitty, which is pretty stinking cool!)

*How many of us knew it was just a matter of time before we remade "Jessie's Girl" - what with the love triangle involving a guy named Jessie. :) But wasn't it fabulous? (Although I don't know that he's QUITE as dreamy as Rick Springfield.)

*I LOVE Brittany - the queen of airheads. "There's just so many lyrics." "Who is THAT guy?" "When I pulled my hamstring, I went to a misogynist."

*"Yeah, you know what? I checked out of this conversation about a minute back. So good luck with your troubles. And I'm gonna make it a habit not to stop and talk to students because this has been a colossal waste of my time."

*"You have great arms and we have SERIOUS musical chemistry. Those are both important to me."

Seriously, this show is a riot!

Oh, and while I'm talking TV, just a few other recommendations for you all (in case you needed some fabulousness added to your life).

1.) Big Bang Theory - This show is HYSTERICAL!!! Seriously. I end up laughing WITH TEARS running down my face pretty much every week.

2.) Criminal Minds - I'm a crime drama junky. We watch all the Law & Orders, the original CSI, and a million other shows in our past along these lines. But this one is my FAVORITE. It has such great characters and CRAZY stories!

3.) Fringe - This is a FREAK SHOW of fabulous!!! Drew and I like to describe it as "The X-Files meets CSI". I say EVERY SINGLE WEEK (ask the hubs), "This is weird EVEN FOR FRINGE!" It's crazy and WONDERFUL!

Ok, I promise no more TV posts for a while.

What are YOUR favorite shows?

Love & Shipoopies,


Anonymous said...

I still watch Seinfeld episodes all the time, but my favorite current shows are The Office and Community, both on NBC on Thursday nights. These are easily (in my opinion) the best things on TV right now.

Brandie said...

V, Fringe, Glee, House, Gallactica, SGU