Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm sorry, WHAT?!?

I'm curious.

Does anyone else watch commercials with a "what's the hidden catch that they are hiding in their specific language" eye?

I mean things like when you hear (or see at a store) "$5 and up" (intended to draw you to all of the amazing stuff for $5), do you think, "Ya know, a $5000 piece of merchandise fits that qualification just as easily as a $5 item"?

I do. I'm constantly finding language that was intentionally developed to trick people into the AMAZEMENT that is their sale/product/service, when what they're telling you really isn't worth a hill of beans.

Here's my latest favorite. (And I love it so much that I might have mentioned it before. I'm not sure.)

HD Vision Sunglasses - sunglasses that give you HD QUALITY when you look at the world.


It's your EYES, people!

High definition was developed for our televisions and other viewing apparatuses to help what we watch there look more like REAL LIFE. When you're using your EYES to look at your REAL LIFE, it's already high definition, unless you have vision problems. And if that's the case, these glasses aren't going to fix those.

Seriously!!! People, use your BRAINS!!!

I especially love the guy who, upon trying on the amazing HD glasses, says, "They're amazing. I can see the sky, that cloud, the ocean. It's so clear. They're really just amazing."



What are YOUR favorite advertising claims?

Love & Shipoopies,

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