Tuesday, June 08, 2010

This weekend, our dear one turned TWO. We had a "Fun in the Sun" party and it was MUCH fun (and much sun, thankfully). We had sprinklers and a moon-bounce (on loan from my step-sister-in-law), barbecue chicken with all the fixin's, and Nana (my mom plus her impromptu helper, James, one of our neighbors/friends) put on a pretty fabulous bubble show with some BIG bubbles. Now, the day DID include our besties leaving town the day before to witness the arrival of their first REAL niece (as Tucker is only play-pretend niece), two of our 2 year olds (including Tucker) getting eyes FULL of bubbles, and the birthday girl vomiting on me (all OVER me to be more precise) in the middle of the kitchen during the party. It wasn't the BEAMING success I always plan for, but it was lots of fun, filled with lots of love, and we ended the day with a smile and laughter!

*Hats off to our dear Carly Marie (one of our flower girls many years ago) for these AMAZING cupcakes!*

We practiced and practiced blowing-out that candle. She did it willingly and perfectly every single time! But once there were 30 some-0dd people WATCHING her, she wasn't the LEAST BIT interested in attempting it. :)

She WAS, however, quite interested in the juice boxes. (She NEVER has undiluted juice, so I figure all that sweetness might have contributed to the sickness - that and the likelihood of ingested bubbles. Not winning "Mommy of the Year" for either of those, but...)

This borrowed bouncy was a HIT, I tell you! Thanks, Uncle Torey, Aunt Hailey, and Aiden for letting us use it (and Paw and Nona for bringing it to us)!

The sprinklers were a source of many a squeal (as I always remember them being from my own childhood)!

The poor girl was worn OUT by the end of present-opening. (I'm sure the tearful bubble eyes and throwing up contributed quite a bit to this - as did the delightedly watching the older kids run about the whole party.) :)

So we said goodbye to our guests half-asleep on Mommy's shoulder. :) (Which was JUST FINE with me. tee-hee!)
On Sunday morning, her ACTUAL birthday (and BACK in this outfit, not STILL in it I swear!), the balloons were only half-floating, putting them at the perfect height for a little punching practice for Tucker. Boy did she have fun!!!

Happy birthday to our sweet little booger bear! We love you so very much!
Love & Shipoopies,
Mommy and Daddy


McCrakensx4 said...

Happy birthday Birthday Girl Tucker! So much fun! Love those cupcakes...so very cute!

He & Me + 3 said...

Happy Birthday Tucker. What a sweet girl. Everything looked great. Love the banner and the cupcakes are adorable. What a fun party.

Carrie said...

I love the birthday banner, it turned out GREAT! she is so cute! So sorry she got sick...but sounds like it was still a great success and she had such a fun time! what great memories! The cupcakes are really festive, yum!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday Tucker! Sorry it didn't turn out to be the party of your dreams but you sure will remember it!!!

Brandie said...

Such a sweet Birthday party! Congrats on your now two year old!

Natalie said...

I LOVE the birthday banner! I think sleeping on Momma's shoulder is never a bad way to end a day! Happy Birthday to Tucker!