Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When did this HAPPEN?!?

I was watching Tucker play this morning. She played pretend with her car, showing me "the mommy". She climbed OVER her Lego table on her belly with her bear in her mouth, rolling off the other side to immediately plop in front of her "computer" to name some animals for me.

That's when it hit me.


I mean, it wasn't YESTERDAY when she was born or anything (although, let's be honest moms, each time I sneeze, I feel it might as well have been yesterday).
But I swear that yesterday, she was still a baby! I don't mean a teensie-weensie, depends on you for every single need kind of baby. (I'm not in COMPLETE denial.) But she was still a baby. She was using a word here and there. She still had food restrictions based solely on age. She got confused by playing pretend. She was unsteady on her feet. She.was.a.baby.
But today, she's talking pretty much exclusively in sentences. She's using her imagination regularly. She's tried peanuts. She's climbing over stuff and not busting it!
She's a full-fledged kid.
I'm a little sad here and there about her growing up, but mostly I'm delighted a thousand times a day by something new, bright, or funny that she does. I am delighted by how intelligent she is, how curious she is, how adventurous she is, and how independent she is... well, ALMOST always.
Love & Shipoopies,


Natalie said...

I've heard that it's around the 2 year mark when they no longer need you like a little baby that the baby bug can hit and you want one to cuddle in your arms...
After the night I had, I would like a glimpse of how a kid sleeps!

Camily said...

I. KNOW. It is so bittersweet. I have just recently told myself that I have to stop calling my 3 year old "baby!"
And I laughed out loud at the "sneeze" comment. So true . . . :)
PS--Joined Weight Watchers (again) today and stayed for the meeting. It was really good. Also bought my Pandora bracelet (I love the idea!--but do NOT love how many charms I will need before reaching my goal!) However, I am feeling very motivated and happy about my plan!

Camily said...

I don't know what happened to my profile picture--it's all red and strange. It bugged my, so I had to comment again with another picture. I know. It's my dorkiness.

He & Me + 3 said...

I remember when that happened in our family too. It is the weirdest realization...but cool at the same time.
She is adorable and I love the ribbons around her shirt. Cute.

Bits-n-Pieces said...

Hi..I'm a friend of Mimi's. I came for the freebie friday, but got to looking through your posts and your daughter is absolutely beautiful!! (and I LOVE her name, too!) What a cutie!