Friday, July 09, 2010

Fabulous, Fun, (growing-up) Fridays!!

I'm a little late getting up my post today, but there's a REASON!!!

I didn't want to post until I had taken pictures at a very special occassion over a long lunch-break today.

Today, my sweet little curly-headed sweety-pie got her very first haircut! (Well, it was technically a trim. No shaping was needed and we certainly didn't want to chop off all those beautiful curls!)

*She wasn't so sure about what was happening at first. The thought of sitting in the special booster seat for kids made her lose it, so Daddy's lap it was.*

At the end, she got to pick a lollipop (which she's never had, thus has no idea what that means, but we were excited, so she was excited). The rest of the day she has been telling us about how "Bitty (Brittany) dave haircut and Daddy's yap (lap) and inna chair anna haircut." :)
Of course, looking at it, you can't see any difference at all. (You can officially stop fretting, grandparents.)
Oh, and thank GOODNESS I chatted with my dear friend, Jennifer @ She Endeavors who reminded me to get a clipping of her first haircut for her baby book! I had TOTALLY forgotten that mommy responsibility! :)
I hope you each encounter something new and magical in YOUR life this Friday!
Love & Shipoopies,


Paige said...

You haven't given that child a sucker yet? What kinda mommy are you?!?! Hehe!

Jen T said...

Oh those are some sweet pictures of Drew & Tucker. And what a fun memory you made today! Have a good weekend sweetie! Jen

He & Me + 3 said...

First haircuts are always the best. My first daughter didn't get her first cut until her 2nd birthday. She just didn't have enough hair. The other two didn't really have enough hair on their first birthdays either, but I did it just because that was what I was told I was supposed to do. I have pictures and hair from all of them. It is such a neat and fun experience. All the "First" things are so fun!
She is adorable and atleast she was not screaming:)
Did she enjoy the sucker?