Monday, July 26, 2010

This Week I Will Be Mostly...

...getting up earlier than I want.
...eating cabbage soup (blech!).
...cherishing the one cup of yummy iced-coffee goodness I'm allowing myself each day.
...reading more of _The Things They Carried_.
...listening to my sweet baby sing every tune she hears (or her version of it anyway).
(Can you tell we've entered our crazy-busy season at work?)

What will YOU be doing this week?

Love & Shipoopies,


Carrie said...

Mmmmm...iced coffee is my weakness too...but I don't drink it now...maybe once in awhile...I used to get one EVERY day! Hope you still get some time to relax from working so much! I'm sure hearing little Tucker's music makes it all better ;) Take care!

Jen T said...

I will be reading more work emails than I want, working, getting up early, talking too, too much, working, NOT running any errands or finishing many projects, working, showering is in the air, staring at my computer screen, smashing my ears with a get the picture, right?

I'll be there for you, sister..jen

PS. LOVE, LOVE the new look!!

Camily said...

I was actually thinking about you! I think I'm close to you--I'm in Florida/Alabama today visiting my in-laws! So, hi from closer than usual!!

Mandapooh said...

hmmm, let's see, I will spend a lot of time bored at work by myself. I will spend some time today blogging. I will spend more time than I want to cooking and cleaning. I just realized I'm going to have a lot of free time this week and should plan something fun!