Friday, October 22, 2010

Dress Up Days

As promised yesterday, today you get to see all the dress-up days. There were quite a few challenges this week (the majority of which involved hearing "No, Mommy, I DON'T wear those" about 4 minutes before trying to scoot out the door), but we still came up with some cute stuff. :) We also peed through a fresh diaper (and her clothes and a little on the couch) right before walking out the door one day. On that same day, a dead leaf on the ground near our picture-taking spot almost ruined it ALL. And then there was the day she cried from the moment I woke her up until she rode off in Drew's truck. You'll be able to pick that picture out from the lineup. Promise. :)

Country Day:
She wasn't ABOUT to pose for me, of course. But I got a shot before coat so you can see her cute little thermal shirt. In the second picture when I said, "Can you look at Mommy and smile?" I got "Nooooooo," and she turned away. ha!

Sports Day:
Poor thing can't ever just wear a cheerleader outfit. Got to mix up those two teams.
Roll Tigers Roll! (tee-hee)

Crazy Day:
They mean "Tacky Day" (which I was never any good at). This was the day we peed through our tights immediately after a diaper change.
And then, the conversation:
"Mommy, there's a LEAF down there."
"Ok. Can you look at Mommy and smile?"
"Noooo, Mommy, there's a LEAF down there. You get it, please?"

Orange & Black Day:
What a morning! (The blurry picture is the only one I got where you can kind of see her outfit.)

Halloween Costume Day:
*This is NOT her actual Halloween costume. It's not cold enough in the afternoons to send her to daycare wearing that, so maybe next Friday for the Halloween party. :)
This is a pretty cute backup costume though, no?

Love & Shipoopies,


Kelli @ RTSM said...

She is adorable! I love the Minnie Mouse costume! And I love the boots too...we have a pair just like them!

Myya said...

She is just so cute... could be a model baby, well except the not loving pictures taken part. Why can't we just train them that as soon as we say smile, they give us all they have... ahhhh that would sure make my life easier. Hmmm, maybe if that happened I'd actually get all 3 looking at teh camera at the same time.