Thursday, October 07, 2010


I remember a time, probably before kids, but perhaps even for a short while after Tucker was born, that I thought the one time I would be super glad to drop her off at daycare, would be the days where she was being Mrs. Cranky Pants - crying at the drop of a hat, can't be pleased, the wind changing directions is traumatic. I mean, who would rather deal with a day full of that than drop that attitude off with someone else and pick it back up right before dinner?!?

But here's the thing I now know. With my child, at least (and this may not be true for all of your children), when she's behaving like that, it's not a stubborn thing or a spoiled thing. Her weepy, emotional, traumatic days are never about her getting her way or being bossy or trying to have control. When she has a weepy day, I can always tell it's because there's something just not right. Either she's not feeling well or is scared of something or just truly needs Mommy or Daddy. (Let's be honest, we've all had days where you just need Mama or Daddy, right?)

Don't get me wrong. She's 2. We definitely have moments where a fit is about control or stubborness or getting her way. They're getting more frequent as we get further into 2.

But a day where she's clingy and weepy -- that's not what that's about. It's about needing something more than usual. It's what Holly Golightly would have dubbed "the mean reds" - when you just feel off and desperately hope to find something that can make you feel better.

And though I used to think on a day like this, I would rejoice in the ability to drop my crazy-hysterical child off at daycare, I now want to cry when I have to do it. I'd really rather take the day off and spend it on the couch hugging her and finding things that make her smile and laugh.

Hmmph. Surprising.

Love & Shipoopies,

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Zipidee said...

"Terrible Two's" dosen't always describe bad behavior just the broad sweep of the results. They're sometimes terrible for you and sometimes terrible for her.
I'm glad she has a Mom that wants to ameliorate this phase of her (admitedly precocious) developement.