Thursday, October 21, 2010

Things I Love Thursdays - Fall

I was inspired by my friend, Andi (or Andrea as she's called now that she's all grown-up and stuff) at Journey Again to express my love for the season that is upon us. Most of my life, I would've told you hands-down that Spring was my favorite season and it still probably squeaks into first place, but it's not the blow-out in the competition it used to be. The older I've gotten (probably joined with the fact that I am no longer a student or a teacher), the more I've come to love the fabulousness that is Fall.

Why, you might ask?

1.) As with any season change, I love the anticipation of getting to wear stuff in the closet that you haven't been able to wear for months. I love eyeing this cute sweater I bought on the clearance rack in late spring when it was too warm to be worn and thinking of all the great places I'll wear it. And those bejeweled ballet flats I found on a huge sale over the summer? I've already worn them 10+ times now that it's cool enough to need my toesies covered.

2.) Pumpkins. I love pumpkin patches. I love the cider they sell at pumpkin patches. I love carving pumpkins. I love painting pumpkins. I love my bejeweled fake pumpkin I made last Fall. I love the candy corn-painted pumpkin with Tucker's name that I made two years ago.

(I'm a little worried that I've already used "bejeweled" twice in this blog. Are you?)

3.) Dress-up days. When I was a kid, I was rarely a witch or princess or anything else normal for Halloween or for dress-up days during Homecoming at school. I was a playing card, a pencil, and a mailbox (all homemade and all pretty fabulous, if I do say so myself). And though I don't have dress-up days anymore and my 2 year old has been MUCH more difficult in the getting ready for dress-up days this year (pictures on Friday of the whole week), I still LOVE coming up with cute stuff for her little dress-up days.

4.) For the month of October, at Target, you can buy Frankenberries. You know, it's the "brother cereal" to Count Chocula and Boo Berry. I don't think I ever liked them as a kid, but a friend in college LOVED them and got me kind of hooked. You can't buy them year round. I yelp with glee as if I were an 8 year old the first time I see them each October.

5.) I LOOOOOVE that it's finally cool enough (and less moist) to be outside for more than 10 minutes without needing another shower. I love when it's beautiful enough outside to make you want to do whatever it is you're doing in a chair on the porch.

6.) Candy Corn. Enough said.

7.) I love the first day it's cold enough for me to pull out my slippers. I have this one pitiful pair. They're super-comfy and I'm on my third pair of the same slipper. They are super warm, but they tend to need washing pretty regularly and they don't wash well, so usually the bottoms start coming off shortly after the first wash. But I love them and I love needing to wear them.

8.) I love warm drinks. Mocha. Hot chocolate. Cappuccino. Latte. Earl Grey. And my two most recent favorites - Eggnog Latte and Toffee Mocha from Starbucks. Yum! Warms up my extremities when socks and gloves won't do.

9.) Years ago in PT time (that's pre-Tucker), Munner (my grandmother) gave us this Crimson-colored blanket. It's some magical mixture of silkiness and thickness with just the perfect weight. (For me, the right blanket or sweatsuit is finding the right balance between softness and weight.) It's so luxurious and cozy. I LOVE pulling it off the back of the couch and wrappign myself in it.

10.) Alabama football. I was raised a Bama fan. I'm sure I got into fights about how much COOLER Bama was than Auburn from a very young age (though I'm not a taunter anymore when it comes to football). But then I WENT there. I lived it for four years. I grew up there; came into my own there; learned to be less needy there; learned at least some amount of self-discipline there. It's part of me now. I love the school. I love the city. I love the campus. And I LOVE watching the football games. It makes that amazing and crazy time of my life come washing over me. Roll Tide!

What are YOUR favorite things about Fall?

Love & Shipoopies,

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