Friday, August 15, 2008

Blatant Momming

So here's my regular mom collage of cuteness!
**Disclaimer: In some of my Tucker videos, she is not centered in the shot and may move in and out of the center of the shot. The reason for this is I have to hold the camera out of her focus or she stops whatever she's doing and stares at the camera. I have to hold it to the side and get her to look at me. I apologize. :-)
Tucker is starting to "talk" more and more. This video is from earlier this week. Today (Friday), she came home and "talked" almost constantly for more than an hour. It was SO CUTE, but I didn't get any of it on video. (The camera says, "Be quiet" to her regularly, apparently.)
Poor little thing got so congested this past weekend that her voice was quite hoarse. Her "talking" got even cuter! (Who knew that was even possible?!?)
Everyone says that babies look like angels when they sleep and mine is no exception. However, what's even better than her "looking like an angel" sleep mode is her "making faces" sleep mode. She smiles, opens her eyes with eyes rolled back so you only see the whites, and sometimes even chuckles. VERY CUTE!!!


Zipidee said...

"Crazy Uncle Ric" really enjoys the vids. It's like gettin to be with Tucker as she grows.

Nanette said...

That is a Leland thing. I can remember coming in the house really loud and realize that he was asleep in his chair. He would do that, then go back to sleep. ha ha