Saturday, August 02, 2008

Face First

Tucker's latest "thing" is what we call "nose scrubbing" in our house. When you put her on your shoulder, she starts scrubbing her nose. She'll move her face back and forth and back and forth -- over and over wiping her nose (and entire face, really) as she goes. We have NO IDEA why she does this, but it is VERY comical to watch. After the scrubbing, she then falls asleep face DOWN into your shoulder, arm, or arm pit (LOVELY). It is HYSTERICAL!!!

And, of course, once she has slept face down, she will eventually pick her head up, take a huge breath, and then resituate herself to a normal sleeping position. The result (and bonus humor) is that she has "sleep lines" all over her face! :-D

This baby stuff is hard work, but it has MORE than enough laughs to make it worthwhile. :-D


The Bowers Family

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