Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Girls! Girls! Girls!

(Okay, just ONE girl! Here's some cute videos of Little Bit for those of you who wish you could be with her in person. :-) tee-hee)
All Smiles
These are some of our favorite moments with Tucker. She's learning to smile in response to our smiles. They are very cute. What's most amazing is they seem to happen most frequently in the morning. We're not sure where she got that happy in the morning thing as we are both slow starters. :-) ha!
This is going to be an amazing party trick one day!
A tiny amount of congestion...
Ok, so you know how new moms always talking about watching their baby's chest to make sure he/she is breathing? If you listen closely, you'll see I rarely have to do that with Tucker. (The other noise is her bouncy chair. It's almost ever-present in our house.)
Tucker with her 2 best buds
her fist and her elephant
What I refer to as "REAL talking"
(and of course, Drew mocks me for this)
I realize she's not saying words, but there is also a CLEAR difference between this and the normal grunts and noises she has been making. She makes these noises when she's trying to immitate our talking. She watches our mouths, works hard to copy, and then makes these coos. They are SO STINKING CUTE!!!!
Drew, Leslie, and Tucker

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Mandapooh said...

How precious! I distinctly heard "I love you Mandy," on that last one. Maybe followed by, "See you soon, I hope" I LOVE the mom blog, with actual thoughts sprinkled in. It's a wonderful mix.