Wednesday, August 06, 2008

In Response to Uncle Westy

**I just want to point out that this is TWO BLOGS IN A ROW that have actual words in them! Who knew I had anything left in me other than pics of Little Bit?!? **

So Uncle Westy wrote of two things on which I have thoughts. :-)

First of all, he mentioned how I shall henceforth be known as Tucker's mom, and after spending 2 months (that's right, she's 2 months old today) with Tucker, I figure that's not a bad title at all! To be always associated with something so wonderful... well, I could do worse. ;) And let's be honest, I've never been just Leslie my whole life anyway. I've always been either Rick and Sheri's daughter or Scott's little sister. Then I moved to Carrollton and became Anna's cousin and/or Nan and Mr. Witham's niece. Then in Baton Rouge, I was Drew's wife. My identity has so frequently been through my connections to others, and since I love all of my "others", I'm ok with that. :-)

Secondly, Unc wrote on his blog about our family and how blessed we all are to have each other. My favorite story from the wedding weekend was listening to Munner tell of her trip to Randy's wedding. She said spending the weekend with her kids without their kids was like having her kids again. Then she said, "I have such good kids." (And she said this in wonder and amazement as if she has no idea how that happened.) I replied, "Yeah, I have NO IDEA how they got that way. You surely had NOTHING to do with it!" What an amazing person and what an amazing legacy she has built and is still building. If I can create a family even half as amazing as the one she has nurtured, I will have succeeded in life!

L&S to you all!
Tucker's mom


Nanette said...

Actually you have been and will always be "LETLIE NICOLE MCKEE". TO ME. The kid who tried to still my momma. YES I SAID LETLIE NICOLE.

Don't you think it's funny that they left the adopted kid at home, all alone!

okay about Tucker's talking......She is speaking CAT. I recognized it immediately! ha ha Love you Nan

Zipidee said...

Thank you for all the pictures of Tucker, you & Drew. Been out of town for awhile and am catching up. See you, Drew & my Great Niece Tucker soon!

Zipidee said...

Believe that's 'Great Uncle Ric' darlin ;~)