Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stay Tuned

So this whole working/mothering combo is VERY time-consuming! No time to upload pics and vids during the week, it seems, but I do have new pics, vids, and thoughts coming. Expect multiple entries at some point this weekend. :-)

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A.J. said...

Why yes, I did fall off of the planet. And nature has rewarded my pace by giving me a cold right before I am to go white-water rafting. Woot.

I believe that I will be slowing down soon. (Hopefully.) I am now using my illness to catch up on your blog. Tucker is the cute-est!!! (You couldn't hear, but I punched those keys hard for extra emphasis.) I hope that she won't be graduating from Kindergarten before I meet her. (For pity's sake!)

Love you, love you!