Saturday, August 02, 2008

Save the WHAT?!?

In our world where everyone has a cause, I sometimes run across a political statement that gives me pause. Saw a huge bumper sticker on a car this week that read,


I didn't realize the uterus was endangered or even in danger! Is there a shortage of good uteri in the world? Are our uteruses "people" too? with feelings and sorrows? Are we worried that in today's overpopulated world, that we're not producing ENOUGH uncared for and undisciplined children, so we need to save ALL reproductive systems so even people who should NOT reproduce can do it readily even when they don't want to? Or did I miss some medical discovery in which a good uterus can cure cancer or AIDS?

It's a real thinker, I tell ya!


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unclewesty said...

we are who and what we are. you are still Les, but for the next 18 plus years you will be called "Tucker's Mom". Trust me, you have been called worse. Many before you have lamented the loss of identity having become Mrs. ---,
---'s mom, ---'s daughter. I know that sounds terrible, but only to the degree you allow it. I consider all of those titles honorable.