Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ahhhhh, Going Home

Drew's choir got invited to be the "Featured Honor Choir" at an honor choir day at the University of Alabama. The day happened on Monday, but I decided if I was going there with them, I might as well go a day earlier than the group (they went on Sunday) and spend gameday on campus Saturday. Mama, Scott, Brittany, and Carly came and joined Little Bit and myself and we had a no-stress BLAST on campus. (Although, according to my dr., I did develop a raging case of "tailgater's wrist" pushing the stroller so much for 3 days straight.) It was really fun to be bak on campus, visit my favorite places and see how much has changed. It was also weird to be there as a "Ma'am" not a student. haha! Here's some pics of the experience. :)

Strollers all loaded-up. The girls are OVER waiting on us, as you can see in their expressions. ha!

Poor Carly had a spill into the sidewalk first thing of the day and that goose-egg got bigger and bigger all day. :(
The "behind the scenes" of a picture with the babies. No one's looking at the camera. :)

THERE we go.

Such neat eaters

Tucker was FASCINATED with this fountain. Cried everytime I tried to walk away.

The "money shot" - That's the Bear, for those of you who can't tell. :)

If you look closely, you can see Drew in FULL SPRINT playing with Tucker up the walkway.

Apparently I'm better and getting a 1 year old to look than 30 teenagers. ha!


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