Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i Heart Faces

I'm trying my hand out at some thing new. I found a page called

that is a photography blog and there are themed photography contests every week. This week's theme is "Excited!"
I took this picture of Tucker the first time I put her in her new ladybug swimsuit. She was SO excited about being in the new suit and getting stuff together to go to the pool. This expression - half squeal, half laughter - it's one of my favorites. It can melt away any troubles weighing me down. I heart her!!! :)

If you have some free time, go search around here for some good photo fun!




Alli said...

Oh, I could eat her up! The picture oozes excitement.

Tracey said...

I am addicted to I heart faces and the weekly contests. What a great pic of Tuck! She look so adorable!

Leslie said...

I know, Tracey! I found this through you. :)