Friday, October 30, 2009

My friend Tracey challenged me to a "color tag" blog. She gave the color black, and I am supposed to find 7 things around my house in that color. Sounds like fun to me!!!

Although ours gets played surprisingly little, these black and whites play a VERY important role in our lives.

I spend the majority of most of my days sitting in front of this pile of black.

Mmmm, I love my mantel - black and white photos, frames, and fleur de lis.

A picture of Cosmo, sweet goober of a cat that I miss dearly

I was determined to find a 3-D fleur de lis before leaving Louisiana. I love this thing!

I'm a shoe nut (shock to most of you I'm sure). I got these new black "go to heels" this summer and I adore them. They are SO girly and surprisingly comfy.

Yep, this appliance is maybe the most used one in our whole house. :)

I tag Andrea, Allison, Lisa, Angie, Nan, Laura Kate, Katie, Mandapooh, Unclewesty, Fogged, Randy, and Brandie. The color is PINK!!!


unclewesty said...

I'm not big on games or quizes so I doubt that I will go looking for pink stuff.
The quantity of pictures you have taken of Tucker has surely surpassed the number I took of Keelin by now.(I thought that was beyond reach) An observation. Now that Keelin is now pose-able you cannot get a decent picture of the girl. If she senses a camera in the room she goes to full teeth. Very annoying.

Leslie said...

Yeah, though they are a struggle, I LOVE action shots much more than posed ones. :)

Until it's our turn to dance said...

We are action shot people as well....we tend to stay away from staged photos!

Tracey said...

Those shoes are GORGEOUS! Love them! Thanks for playing!