Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Lesson Learned

The GIRL who cried... poo?

At some point a month or so ago, Tucker started pointing at that cute little toockus and saying, "Poo poo". We were excited, though we figured she barely knew what it meant. But then I noticed that two times in a row, she did that, and then within a minute or two, her prediction came TRUE!! We were thrilled and cheered her on (and promptly went and bought a training potty).

Of course, those of you who are parents know, this only prompted her to point and say, "Poo poo" as often as she could... even when there was NO poo poo.

We very quickly fell into a "boy who cried wolf" pattern, accepting that when she said this, it was for the excitement it created in us rather than for actual poo.

So when we were giving her a bath and she pointed and said, "Poo poo," I said, "Do you have to poo poo?" She said, "No." So we kind of giggled and kept on with our lives.

(I bet you figured out where I'm going here.)

Then there WAS poo... in the bath.... with my child... and her bath toys!!!!


"Coincidence!" I quietly told myself. "She hasn't really gotten back to ACTUALLY pointing out when she has to go."

Flash forward 2 nights.

The hubs is at work. T is in the bath. Pointing. "Poo poo." "Do you have to go poo poo?" "No."

POO IN THE TUB!!! With the child...and the toys...and no hubs to clean up the poo while I took the child elsewhere to clean her up from the poo bath.

(And can I tell you, cleaning up poo after it sits in water in your tub for a while is even grosser than doing it right after it happens!)

Guess what the newest step to my "getting ready for bath" routine is.

Putting Tucker's potty seat on the toilet, opening the door between the tub and the toilet, and keeping a close watch for any pointing!


Love & Shipoopies,



Camily said...

OK. I'm laughing WITH you. Seriously. I have been there. And it is not a pretty place to be. I have done the throwing out of bath toys, repurchasing bath toys, only to be poo-d on again bath toys. Oooooh. Ick. This wasn't in the "What to expect from your toddler" book.

Rebekah said...

Oh my goodness!!! I couldn't imagine having to clean up poo in the bath tub.

Whitney said...

HAHAH!!! We have had poo in the tub but it just happened to be when we were visiting friends and Eric was giving the bath while i was down stairs doing what i do best, talking. I can still remember him screaming my name and when i walked in the bath he was hold Jack like he had a disease. You were lucky only to have toys in the tub. We had another kid in the tub with it. HA! Good times.

He & Me + 3 said...

Oh no...that has happened to us before and yes...poo is gross in the tub after a while. LOL
You better start listening:) Maybe she is getting her yes and nos mixed up:)

Brandie said...

Kaelyn did it to me about the same age as Tucker...twice, in one week, and I wanted to cry