Monday, March 22, 2010

Meme Mondays

This Week I Will Be Mostly...

*working (big shock, huh?)
*cooking dinner at least a few times (didn't do it once last week - yikes!)
*making a tutu that I should have made a week ago but will finish and mail VERY SOON
*going to church choir
*praying for sun and more 70 degree weather
*getting on the treadmill
*cleaning out the fridge
*Can you say, "Easter egg hunt"?!? (Yipee!)
*cleaning off my desk
*and HOPEFULLY doing a little sewing
*Finding a Weight Watcher's meeting so I can get myself back on the WW program (which is effective and relatively easy for me to follow)

What about you? What are YOU doing this weekend?

In other news, here's some randomness from my life this weekend:

I organized my crafting closet (which doubles as our coat closet). My previous system (wish I had a picture for you) was the less-effective "all the stuff/leftovers from this particular trip to this particular store are in this plastic bag" filing system. It made for an occassional avalanche while grabbing your coat and meant I had to take out and look through every bag each time I wanted to find something. (Can't imagine WHY I wanted to do something about this system!) Now I have a bucket for each craft area, so I can grab it, bring it out while working on that project and then stick it back in without messing everything else up. It will also making filing stuff away after a trip to JoAnn or the Lobby (of the Hobby variety, that is) much simpler. :) *Big sigh of relief*

Saturday was GORGEOUS in our neck of the metaphorical woods. It was flip-flop weather (even for this two pairs of socks under my thick slippers girl) in the ATL and there was a St. Patty's Day celebration in our little town, so we invited some folks, loaded up the stroller and headed downtown! It was SOOOO gorgeous. It didn't even matter that there wasn't much to look at and the music sometimes got REALLY bad. It was SO wonderful being outside in the sun enjoying each others' company. :) Paw and Nona (Drew's dad and stepmom) even came to join us. Tucker had a WONDERFUL time with them (as usual). 'Cause in case you didn't know, "Paw's sho siyyi" (Paw's so silly). :D

Tucker's first self-portrait. (Don't worry. I was holding the camera and only letting her touch the one button.) She thought this was the FUNNIEST thing. :)

We had a nice weekend (and even got to spend a few waking hours with the hubs). Hope your weekend was just as nice. :)
Love & Shipoopies,
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He & Me + 3 said...

Oh my word Tucker is so cute and that dress is adorable. Glad you had a great weekend. I love organizing my closets and my scrapbooking stuff.
Have a great week.

Brandie said...

This week I'll be...
Finishing some early spring cleaning
Cooking Dinner
Swim Lessons/Sports Lessons
Grocery shopping
Shopping for the White House Easter Egg roll

McCrakensx4 said...

Good for you for getting organized..I am really trying hard to declutter my house! I was so excited to get most of the kitchen done tonight! Your closet looks great! And what is it about kids and cameras?! My boys are always kidnapping mine to take pics at will!

Sarah Cook said...

You have such a cute blog! I love to read Georgia bloggers' sites. I'm from South GA (a little town called Ashburn) and I look forward to reading more!