Friday, March 26, 2010

Today, I don't have a specific topic. I feel the need to throw out some random stuff. You game for that? Okay.

*First, we have our church's Easter egg hunt tomorrow. I'm excited about the excitement! I'm curious how T will do with the egg-finding. I'm wondering how one warms a child up to the idea of a human-sized bunny that wants you to sit in its lap for a picture. Hmmmm.... ha! I'm wishing my sweet Tooter Booter (a cousin) was still coming like we originally planned. I haven't seen her in ages and T would have LOVED hunting eggs with her. :(

*T got invited (or at least the mom talked to me pre-invite) to her first birthday party for a non-family friend. How cute is that?!?

*Working on ideas for T's 2nd birthday party. We're planning on doing it at the house with lots of outdoor activities (sprinklers, swingset, borrowed bouncy thing, bubbles) and some cooking-out for the adults. Not sure what the THEME can be for this though - you know the thing you use for invites and favors? Ah well, it'll come to me. And if it doesn't, it'll just all be random stuff we like. So THERE! :)

*Lastly, I usually share some of my favorite finds from the consignment sales, and I'll get to that soon, but one thing I WILL share now is this nightgown I found for T. I found it on the half-off day. It was so soft and sweet and something seemed so familiar to me.

(On a side note, how cute is she in this gown?!?)
(She has SUCH a hard time getting comfy at night. ha!)

Once I put the gown ON her, it hit me WHY this gown seemed so wonderful and comfortable to me. It's made of the exact same fabric as one of my FAVORITE pairs of pjs from childhood. Mine were red, not pink; pants, not gown; straps, not sleeves - BUT it's the same brushed cotton, almost flannel fabric with this LOVING wonderfulness to it. :) Mine even had a matching set owned by my FAVORITE "grown up", one of our neighbors that I adored.

I love continuity in life. I love sharing things I LOVED with T. I love that we are (sort of) sharing pjs. I love that she'll get to play with my American Girl doll and my other favorite doll from growing up. But all of this continuity reminds me that one day she'll be MY AGE!!! How do mothers DO this?!? haha!
Do you need one last fun thing for Friday? If so, you can find THIS:
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Love & Shipoopies,


Kelli @ RTSM said...

We had a pool party last year and I found some cute beach ball plates and made that our theme! It turned out really cute! Thanks so much for linking over to my giveaway!

He & Me + 3 said...

Have fun at the egg hunt. My kids love going. You could do a picnic theme. The cute red and white checked stuff with ants. Adorable. That gown is adorable and I love her walls in her bedroom. Show us her whole bedroom please?

Lucy said...

What adorable pix of your little girl! She's too cute!

Natalie said...

Tucker looks like a little angel in that nightgown! What a sweetie! What about a ladybug theme for an outside party, but I'm brand new to the kids party themes!