Tuesday, March 02, 2010

October Showers Bring March... SNOW Showers???

The hubs predicted when it flooded in October that we'd get big snow this year. (He says the last blizzard in GA was the winter after a big rain year.) My thoughts to add to this were, "If it DOES snow, it's going to be in MARCH!!!" As I think about it, I realize that I've had more BIG snows in March than any other month. That's the way it works here in the South. We may get a dusting other times of the year, but if we're going to get SNOW, it's going to be March.

Before bed last night, they were predicting we might get snow, but Drew's school didn't get cancelled. My work didn't get cancelled. Tucker's school didn't get cancelled, so I just assumed nothing would happen. But alas, at 8:17am, I turned around and saw this out my back windows:

Then at 8:47am:

9:27am (I figure once you've started a theme, might as well run with it...)


Still 10:37am (just to see how thick the accumulation is):

So NOW, my husband is at school in another city and 30 min away. My child is at daycare (thankfully only a wagon walk away if we bundle-up enough), and here I sit working away as if there wasn't snow POURING from the sky in my yard. :)
Now, I know most of you have had so much snow you're SICK OF IT! I, however, got ice the first time around and went south for a wedding and missed the second time around, so I'm pretty excited about it!
In honor of my FIRST snow of the season, I thought we'd do some Snow Meme-ing! Post these questions on your own blog and put a link in my comments OR just answer the questions in my comments.
1.) Do you live somewhere with much snow or little snow?
2.) What's your favorite snow memory?
3.) What are your favorite snow activities?
4.) Are YOU getting snow today?
Love & Shipoopies,


Anonymous said...

In Central Alabama, it snows little.
My favorite snow memories are from Maine...now THAT was snow. I remember the small stream in the woods near our house..it was breath-taking when it snowed. I remember a snow drift covering our doors. Dad climbed out of the second story window and shoveled us out. I remember having a 'Daddy-made' ice rink in our back yard. I remember skates with 2 blades each (I was very young). When it snows day after day after day, a layer of ice forms on top of the snow. I remember getting stuck in the snow because my feet were heavy enough to break the ice layer but my knees weren't strong enough to get me back out.
We are getting a very cold rain with a little sleet.
Love you,

Camily said...

OK, well, we don't get much snow in Dallas, but I grew up in Amarillo, and we did get quite a bit of snow. Big snows--and I loved it!
Favorite snow memory--probably lots of ski trips--so much fun! And then building the snow man with my kids this year.
Favorite snow activity--playing in it with my kids--and taking pictures of the joy they had!
And nope--no snow for us today. It's about 45 degrees and chilly--wishing I had creamy tomato basil soup for lunch.

Whitney said...

Since we move so frequntley the amount of snow depends on our location during the winter. This year we got a good snow before we moved From Statesville, NC. They have gotten more snow since. My favorite memories...Blizzard 1993, Idaho snow..it looked like feathers falling from the sky (also attempted to learn to ski thanks to Wes) , and our first snow out west. We were in Yellowstone at a lodge in front of Old Faithful. We woke up and looked out the window and SNOW! We watched Old Faithful and played in the snow with three of the four kids. Our favorite snow activity...snowball fights, snowmen, and snow angels. It is about all the kids can take before they have to go in and warm up. Lastly, i am sorry to report it is not snowing here. It is currently 75, cloudy and a wonderful breeze. I love your Meme Mondays.

Brandie said...

I currently live where we have mountains of snow.

My favorite snow memory was when I was young and there was a blizzard, we lost power for a week which was SOOO cool because I got to sleep on a lawn chair by the fire! My brother also took us sledding that year, and he was a "teenager" so that was a BIG FRIGGIN DEAL!

My favorite snow activity...is snow icecream! I have the recipe on my blog.

And no, we AREN'T getting snow, although there is STILL snow on the ground from about two weeks ago:)

Five Moms & A Blog said...

We haven't had any real snow to speak of yet this year, just a dusting. Last year we were snowed in for days.

I really don't think we're going to get any snow this year, although we've had snow in March before. We'll see!

~ Nan