Monday, March 15, 2010

Not Me Monday!

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So, I did NOT take off two GLORIOUS DAYS of work and relish every single moment of it! I did NOT NOT accomplish half of the things I intended during those two days off. I did NOT let my Mama fold a gazillion loads of laundry, most of which she washed for me while I did other stuff around the house. (Although I AM glad that she did that for me, for sure!) I always wash and put my laundry away all by myself without EVER procrastinating or leaving it in a pile. :)

I did NOT spend almost twice what I originally planned at the Lil' Angels consignment sale at the church. Not me. I NEVER impulse-buy - especially on clothes and stuff for Tucker! I also did NOT carry my child around in the backpack carrier I was buying AT THE SALE while walking around AT THE SALE! (Afterall, if you're going to buy the thing - for a fabulous price of $20 I might add - you might as well start getting your money's worth now, right?) I did NOT work TWO shifts at the sale just so my mother could come to the pre-sale with me and I did NOT drive back to Alpharetta (usually a 30 min drive with traffic and lights) a FOURTH time (two for volunteer shifts and one to pre-sale shop) on Friday to get FOUR PAIRS of cute shoes I saw during the half-off portion of the sale! NOPE! I'm WAY too sensible to drive 30 min. to get half off of shoes at a consignment sale (where they're already dirt cheap)! :) haha!

I also did NOT wake up hacking my lungs up four nights straight, for more than an hour 3 of those nights. I did NOT have a coughing fit SO BAD Saturday night that I actually moved into another room to avoid keeping Drew awake forever as well. I did not take a second dose of cough syrup post 3am in the morning two nights in a row, thus leaving me with medicine head two days in a row for the first half of the day. Oh, and I did NOT hack (and almost choke to death while trying to hold in the coughs) through my sweet husband's solo at church yesterday and then quietly run out during the last line to have a horrid coughing fit in the hall outside the sanctuary all because I wanted to be able to tell him how lovely the solo was. Nope, not me. I'd never do something that silly.

Oh, and after 4 nights straight of broken sleep with my cough, I did NOT stay up past midnight reading a good book because I couldn't put it down. Not me. I know I need my sleep WAY more than that!

How about you? Any confessions? What did you NOT do this weekend?

Love & Shipoopies,

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