Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tardy Tuesday - Meme Monday

Yeah, folks, yesterday just got away from me. They actually expected me to WORK the ENTIRE TIME I was on the clock yesterday. (Crazy, right?!?) tee-hee

So I moved Meme Mondays to Tuesday this week. I was tagged in a fun Meme, so I'm going to do it here, and then ask you all to pass it along. As usual, you can either post your part of the Meme in my comments OR on your own blog (but pop me a link to it in my comments if you do that, please). :)

The 3's of Me:

Three Names I Go By:
1.) Leslie
2.) Mommy
3.) Giles

Three Jobs I Have Had in My Life:
1.) flower/peach sales lady at both Durbin's/Petals from the Past and Todd's Produce
2.) English teacher
3.) Voicewriter

Three Places I Have Lived:
1.) Clanton, Alabama
2.) Carrollton, Georgia
3.) Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Three Favorite Drinks:
1.) Cherry Limeade (preferably Route 44)
2.) Coke (Mmmm, it's my one TRUE addiction that I fight daily.)
3.) Gin and Tonic with extra lime (I don't get it often, but I REALLY love it when I do.)

Three TV Shows I Watch:
1.) Big Bang Theory (If you don't, you REALLY should try - I ROLL with laughter each week.)
2.) Criminal Minds (Come on, it has Greg from "Dharma and Greg", Cathy from "Friends", the dad from "Joan of Arcadia", the guy that looks like the hot football player from a few seasons ago on "Dancing with the Stars" (Jason something???), and used to have Mandy Patankin. What's not to love?!?
3.) The "Law and Order" triad

Three Places I've Been:
1.) NYC (one of my favorite places ever)
2.) Aruba (one of the best trips ever)
3.) Mardi Gras in New Orleans with the locals (so the non-flashing areas) - it's not an exciting locale per se, but it was pretty amazing! :)

Three of My Favorite Foods:
1.) Filet Mignon (especially when cooked by my father)
2.) My dad's barbeque chicken legs
3.) Tiramisu

Three Cars I Have Owned:
1.) the Hooptie - aka a 1980 something Lincoln Town Car (didn't OWN it, but my parents did and I was the primary driver)
2.) Mazda 626 - a Christmas gift my Senior year in high school - best loved used car ever!
3.) Mazda Tribute or "The A hole" as my dear friend Jennifer always calls it because of my giant Bama A on the back window

Three Things I Hate Doing:
1.) Putting away laundry (as my piles of clean clothes would illustrate to you if you saw them)
2.) Having to argue a point with anyone over anything - I HATE conflict even if I know I'm right
3.) My job. hahaha!

Three Places to Find Me on the Weekend:
1.) the house
2.) church
3.) some school event

Three Movies I Have Seen in the Theater Recently:
*We are SAD and never go to the movies (and rarely even rent them), so the most recent theater trips we made were (this his so sad)
1.) the latest Harry Potter movie (last July)
2.) Sex in the City (Tucker's due date - she's almost two now)
3.) Indiana Jones (a week before Tucker's due date)

Three Places I Would Like to Visit:
1.) the Greek Isles
2.) Ireland
3.) Japan - to see my brother-in-law, sis-in-law, and nephew - and hopefully we're going this summer!!! :) yipee!

Three People I Tag to Compete This on His/Her Own Blog:
1.) Jennifer at She Endeavors (one and the same as the Jen from the car question above)
2.) Camily at LaTEEDah
3.) Carrie at Martin Manor Happenings

*However, I am actually tagging you ALL! I'd love to learn some more bits and pieces about all my bloggy friends (and my parents and inlaws who occassionally pop by this bloggy of mine)

Love & Shipoopies,

***Oh, and I got two bloggy awards given to me by some blogger friends. You have NOT been forgotten (though I know, Brandie, it's been a WHILE). The repost of those awards are coming this week, I promise!


Camily said...

OK! Yay! I'll do it today. And--Aurba--would loooove to go there. Love learning more about you--what a fun thing!

Rebekah said...

I love The Big Bang Theory!!! I'm going to post this later this week.

Whitney said...

Love you did the 3's of me. Loving the A-hole more. Roll Tide!

He & Me + 3 said...

An english teacher...How cool. I used to teach as well. I will have to try one of those shows because my show 24 is ending in a week. Forever. *sigh* I am so sad.
Love NYC as well.

Anonymous said...

Don't that I can cover that many categories but here I go:
3 names I go by:

3 jobs I have had:
short order cook at Stuckey's
ran a cash register at SavMor grocery store
taught school (35 years so far)

3 (well actually 7) placed I've lived:
Millington, Tennessee (3 times)
Jacksonville, Florida
Brunswick, Maine (twice?)
Point Mugu, California
Fountain Valley, California
Montevallo, Alabama
Clanton, Alabama (40 years so far)

3 favorite drinks:
Cherry Zero
sweet tea
strawberry milk

3 favorite TV shows:
Big Bang Theory
Criminal Minds

3 favorite places I've been:
New York City
Gulf Shores
(although my favorite place is a babbling brook with a small water fall)

3 favorite foods:
sweet potato french fries
rare filet mignon
mom's pot roast

3 things I hate:
making ends meet
meanness )

3 places to find me on the weekend:
out to dinner

3 favorite movies:
Love Actually
Princess Bride
Paint Your Wagon

3 places I'd like to visit:
someplace with HUGE waterfalls
someplace with crystal clear water and warm (not scorching) temperatures
someplace with a babbling brook that I can sit and listen to