Monday, September 13, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I'm trying a little something new today. There's no real reason for Miscellany other than I had one particularly random thought that was not enough for an entire blog, but was too choice to not share. Here goes (and let me just warn you that when the world's most random person in normal conversation warns you that she's about to be random, it's gonna get CRAZY up in heeeyah!!!):

*I was sitting at a red light this morning on the way home from the dentist, and I looked at the car beside me only to see a teenie wee-one sitting in the back seat, eyes just barely peeking over the bottom of the window. I, being the mommy of a wee-one, waved and smiled, then looked back to the road. A few seconds later, I glanced back in that direction only to see the wee-one gesturing wildly and the mom looking totally confused and in my direction. I motioned to signal that I had waved hello to her wee-one. She kind of laughed, shrugged her shoulders, and then rolled the windows down on my side of her car (obviously in response to the wild gesturing from the back seat).

The little kid screamed, "What's YOOOOOUR name?!?"

"Leslie. What's yours?"

"Carson. (pause) Ok. BYYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEE!!!"

And the light turned green and we drove away, both myself and and Carson's mom shaking our heads and laughing.

*Speaking of the dentist (I swear if you dig deep enough in there, you'll see that I did mention the dentist): Did you ever tell a doctor/dentist/hygenist/nurse that they were hurting you in the process of trying to do something only to have them tell you, "Well, it SHOULDN'T be hurting," and keep plowing through causing you severe pain in some way? (Not in the "It shouldn't be hurting you" and then trying to continue WITHOUT the pain sort of way.) I love when someone tells you you SHOULDN'T be feeling what you JUST told them you're feeling. Do they think you're lying? Wildly seeking attention? A four year old who will do anything to NOT get his teeth cleaned? Seriously? If I said that you're hurting me, then no matter what you THOUGHT I should be feeling, you need to readdress the situation, not continue slicing through my lip with that stupid "polisher" because I'm NOT a dentist, and thus, must be mistaking pain for something else!!! Seriously!

*Yesterday at church, we had a church-wide Sunday school with a guest speaker. (We go to a smaller church and this was a special occassion to kick-off Fall Sunday School.) I spoke a few times in the conversation (being the totally introverted, shy person I am and never having opinions, as I'm sure you all would describe me if asked). After church, a friend a little older than my mom and I were discussing something and she was telling me I was wise about something (yee-haw) and then said, "I have to tell you that X came up to me after Sunday School and said, 'You know, I've heard her in a couple of different classes, and I have to say she's not JUST a pretty face and a sweet person. She's got some real substance to her.'"

My. Jaw. Dropped.

That may be the BEST compliment I've EVER gotten. And I can't decide what I like best - that he thinks I have substance, that he thinks I'm a sweet person, OR that he thinks I'm a PRETTY FACE!!! WOO HOO! (Needless to say, I left church feeling pretty good.) haha!

Ok, I'm sure I could come up with enough random to fill your day, but work is calling (or IMing me, to be more precise).

Love & Shipoopies,


Camily said...

You crack me up. I love the compliment, too! Wow--pretty, sweet, and substance--no wonder I read your blog!

Zipidee said...

Kinda like when someone asks "So wadda ya think?" When you tell them they say 'No that's not it"

Myya said...

That is an awesome comment to get, I would have been totally flattered. The whole kid in the car rolling down the window to ask you your name thing had me cracking up. As a mom of little ones it is soooo much easier to just let them do odd things like that instead of listening to them talk nonstop about the person that waved to them who they didn't even know their name. You are a good sport :)