Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Little Random and Alot of Thankful

(Daddy, that's a parcel of land of thankful for you. :) tee-hee)

Tucker, like, I assume, most 2 year olds, loves sunglasses. We kept a pair and wore them, usually upside down, whenever we could. We had two pairs. One got lost at Six Flags and the other has been broken for quite some time. Last week, I finally broke down and bought her a new pair (with DORA!!!!! as she exuberantly squealed when she saw them at the store) last week. She has rarely been parted with them since. :) On Sunday, she was playing with them and said, "Mommy, I wear them on my head." When I looked up, this is what I saw.

A flash of teenager already. Yikes!
Yesterday, we went to the pediatrician to get flu shots (for both of us). I knew it wasn't going to be the greatest visit in the world when, upon turning into the parking lot, she started crying, "No, I don't want go to doctor! I don't want go to doctor, Mommy!" Awesome. She cried on and off through the waiting and waiting and waiting, but for the most part I could distract her. One of the best distractions is the huge fish tank in the middle of the waiting room. We always count the fish, name their colors, etc. As we were looking today, she pointed at this one and said, "Mommy, that one's white like a zebra." I'm sure by "white", she meant "striped" as she hasn't mastered that word yet. Either way, I can say without hesitation that my child is BRILLIANT!!! (Ok, maybe there's a teensie-bit of Mommy pride clouding that statement, but not much. ;-) tee hee)

Now onto Thankful Thursdays. I think we could all stand to be more thankful for the small things in our lives that are great, since the world (and our nature) tends to focus on what's wrong. It's a little Pollyanna, but I think that's ok. I mean, look how great that turned out for Aunt Polly.
(Note: If you're not a complete dork like I am, this is an old movie reference. It's worth seeing. Rent it. Watch it. Make your kids watch it. You won't regret it.)
*I am thankful that my sweet 2 year old is starting to really develop her imagination. Bear frequently is "sirsty" and needs a clean diaper and the other day our vegetables became airplanes. She's going to be the kind of kid who finds things in the clouds. I'm just sure of it. :)
*I am thankful for bouncy houses and how much fun they can be no matter how old you get. (There are pictures on someone else's camera that I hope to share with you eventually.)
*I am thankful that we will be getting TWO new neices or nephews (or some mix of the two) before next summer. :) One, sadly, will be born in Japan and we won't get to see her (we think) until quite some time after she's born in person, but we are so excited about her arrival no matter where it happens!
*I am thankful for honeycrisp apples. They're ridiculously expensive and worth.every.cent!!!
*I am thankful that we found a pick your own apples place that has honeycrisp apples (and thus we can get them MUCH cheaper than at the store) and we're getting to go next weekend!
*I am thankful for my sweet neice, Carly Elise and all two years of her life. She is a precious little girl and I love her VERY much (and get to see her Saturday at her birthday party)!
*I am thankful for the sweet people at our church who love my two year old (and us) endlessly. She delights in going to church and talks about her church friends daily. I'm so grateful that they make her feel so loved that she gets excited about going to church. To me, that's how church should be. :)
*I am thankful for our dear friends, Will and Ashley and the fact that they live so close. I have missed having "drop by" friends and "cup of sugar" neighbors. (How Southern does that make me sound?!?) They are hysterical, delightful, and dependable. It's nice to have that two streets over. :)
*I am thankful that my husband has a job that he LOVES with people that he LOVES ('cause if he worked this many hours with this much energy somewhere he didn't love, it would NOT be good). :)
*I am thankful that my husband, Mr. Professional, has enough silly in him to really enjoy (at least most of the time) my ridiculousness and silly nature. I am so lucky to have a man who can roll his eyes and laugh when I'm being a complete goober. :)
Isn't it amazing how pointing out some of the small blessings can add up to one VERY blessed life? How about you? What makes you feel blessed? For what can you give thanks today?
Love & Shipoopies,


Stephanie said...

How cute is she?!!!?

Absolutely adorable! Love all of your thankful - sometimes we are in such a rush that we seldom sit down and think of all the little things in life that we should cherish!

Kelli @ RTSM said...

Eli is in love with hats right now. He loves to find one of Jason's hats or anything else he can turn into a hat! I love all your thankfulness...and I love Pollyanna. Just thinking about it makes me want some of that yummy chocolate cake from the bizarre:)

Camily said...

First of all, Tucker is clearly brilliant! And, I love your thankful list--so true that we need to be thankful for the small things. But--right now I am thankful for one big thing--and that is my scrapbook weekend this weekend! And of course, my healthy family, Molly's dirty little face after she eats oreos, and Matthew's "poop" jokes--they really are funny--I just can't let him know that or they'll never end!

Ash said...

I made the blog!!! Yay! I'm thankful for you too babe! :) Love you bunches!