Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tuesday's Tips

For those of you who DON'T think the months of August through January should revolve around college football, I'd like to let you in on the fact that SEC football (that which is dear to my own heart) began with a bang this Saturday. I wasn't able to go see my team play, but I did go to a fabulous season kick-off game at the Georgia Dome to see LSU (DH's team) play. We got to hang with quite a few of our friends from our LSU days, which was a blast. BUT, as I'm a HUGE Bama fan (born, raised, alumed, and obsessed), I did NOT wear LSU garb to this day. Here's what my whole day looked like.

Not just with my group either. We went to the "Fan Zone" for the LSU/UNC game. The room was FILLED with purple, gold, navy, and Carolina blue and then ME. (I actually ran into two other people in Crimson. We immediately ran to each other and had a conversation even though we'd never met. When you stand out that much, it's pretty easy to bond with another oddball.)
At one point, I got the "Tiger Bait" chant from a group of about 30 LSU fans (which is fun when you're standing all by your lonesome - and for those of you unfamiliar with this tradition, it's when any LSU fan runs across a fan/group of fans from another team and yells "Tiger Bait" loudly and endlessly while pointing at said fan/group of fans). They continued to taunt me until finally my LSU hubs said, "Hey, guys, that's my wife. Let up." Haha!
Directly following this, a UNC fan standing near this incident said, "Why you wearing a BAMA jersey?" his voice dripping with disgust. To which I replied, "Ummm, because I'm a Bama FAN. What else would I be wearing?!?" (I might have added a "moron" under my breath in there.)
All in all though, it was a great day. Even when it's not my team, I LOVE going to an SEC football game. It's full of energy, laughter, cheering, and fun. However, even though I am a die-hard fan, I regularly see things/experience things at college football games that blow my mind. I thought I'd offer some TIPS - some of a general sense, and some just for common decency and humanity - when it comes to being a football fan.
1.) Just because someone is a fan of a different team does not automatically make them GARBAGE. (Yes, I got called "complete garbage" for admitting I was a Bama fan, even though I was wearing purple and cheering for LSU - this guy's team.) Even more importantly, if you are currently on a date with someone wearing a Georgia shirt, your ridicule of me for not being an LSU fan at an LSU game carries even less weight. Just sayin'.
2.) Do not wish physical injury (or death) upon 18 year olds simply because they are letting a team other than yours pay for their college education. Wish that they miss the catch, but NOT taht they break their leg. Just sayin'.
3.) Do not vandalize a complete stranger's personal property just because they are a fan of another team. (Yes, I got my car screwed with TWICE while living in LSU land because I had a Bama sticker beside my LSU sticker on my car.)
4.) I'm not a fan of "Booo"-ing anyone. I find it tacky and unnecessary, but that said, I find it especially ridiculous to "Booo" the other team's BAND! Really? Do you think a band kid - you know, the one schlepping around his giant Tuba or a clarinet - deserves to be booed just because he's using his talent to get his school paid for? Really? He has nothing to do with the game. Leave the poor kid alone.
And my MOST important tip of the day:
5.) If you are old enough to wear a wedding band, you are TOO OLD to wear Silly Bands! (Unless, of course, they are a gift from your kids/students, in which case I understand.)
Take those tips to heart, football fans!
Roll Tide!
Love & Shipoopies,


Camily said...

How fun! We are big football fans here, too! I say stick with the team you love! And I've never understood people who "hate" players on other teams. If those same players switched to their team, they would then love them. So really, they are just rooting for the clothes they wear--that's it!
I also had an appalling "potato chip" incident this week. Knew you could relate.

Jane Anne said...

Ok, WOW, I just jumped over here from Free Fridays (that's what I call it, anyway) and scrolled down just looking at your posts quickly.

I love this one.

ROLLLLLL TIDE!!! I am right there with you.

I'm a BAMA girl (graduated in '95) living in Oregon.

Love the picture of you wearing your BAMA shirt!