Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Confusion Perpetuating

Poor little Tucker. Today's dress-up day was Sports day. You can only imagine what that involves in our house with a Daddy who was raised an Auburn fan and became an LSU student adn her Mommy who was born, raised and educated Bama. :-) At least Daddy has decided he's MORE of an LSU fan, so we don't have to have all three teams included in these outfits. :-) ha! So for Tucker's sports day, she wore an LSU onesie, Bama socks and Bama bib. (This was hard because most of our team stuff is onesies and she can't wear two at one time.)
Our Tucker Burrito, as I like to call it. This is how we bundle to travel the two blocks to school each day. She LOVES being "burritoed". :-)

" WHAT did y'all do to me?"

Her cute little "layered look" onesie. This was a gift from one of our Baton Rouge friends. So cute!

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