Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tu, tu Fabulous!!!

Our church had its Fall Festival yesterday and I decided to take Tucker so we could meet some more people (even though she, obviously, couldn't enjoy any of the activities). She wore her tutu given to her by our friends, Jeff and Lisa Goolsby. She was definitely TU, TU CUTE! :-)
Tutu hiney is maybe the cutest part of a ballerina (at least at 4 months it is). :-)

All Tuckered Out (tee-hee) at the end of the day

Mommy's sweet, sweet baby

Tucker and Mommy


Mandapooh said...

I remember you telling me about her little tutu. That is adorable!!!!

Zipidee said...

Truely Tu Tu Cool! Keep them pictures coming.

Zipidee said...

Has this child quit growing? Has she ceased to be cute? I think not!! 7 days have passed and even if the pictures posted are prescious they are indeed 'old'. So come on Ma! Post'em I know you got 'em ;~)