Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It doesn't get much better!!!

After discovering this weekend that we had gotten Tucker a little too dependent on her swing for bedtime sleep, we have adopted a new "no swing" policy for bedtime. That meant for a long bedtime routine last night. Drew got her to sleep, put her in her crib, and about 15 min. later, awake she was. So we played with her on the floor for a few minutes and then I bounced her to sleep in my arms. I held her for a while and then passed her off to Daddy for a while. (We were trying to make sure the sleep settled in this time.) As you can tell, she finds sleeping on Daddy's chest just MISERABLE!!! (My mom calls this Daddy's "magic chest". ha!)

The Bowers Family


Mandapooh said...

my Daddy has one of those!

unclewesty said...

mandapooh's daddy wishes his was used more often.