Thursday, October 30, 2008

Orange and Black Day

So today is "Orange and Black Day" at daycare. T is wearing the CUTEST outfit made for her by Paige Quarles (Aunt Kakie's granddaughter). It is the most PRECIOUS outfit ever (and all three of her girls have the tops as well).
You can't beat that cuteness!!

"Look! It's Daddy!!!"

"Oooh, this outfit is FUN!!"

On her way down. She leans forward, but falls to the side and ends up on her belly! Very funny!

Speaking of Paige, I have so enjoyed getting re-aquainted with her and getting to know her little girls. Alivia, the baby, is barely more than a week younger than Tucker and a chunk just like T. She also, as I discovered Sunday, doesn't enjoy being tossed about like T does. :-) ha! (Cousin Leslie scared her and made her cry - I'm AWESOME!!!) Addisyn is her oldest. She is beautiful and shy. She usually grins at me from around Paige's leg, but I WILL bring her out of her shell eventually. Then Amelia ("Millie") is the middle child. She is "pretend shy" at first (like Laura Kate), but she has enough personality to claim her heritage. She is precocious, smart and funny (and as Paige said, "a big goober"). I can't help but think what a kick Aunt Kakie would get out of us being friends all these years later. :-)


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