Monday, October 27, 2008

Homecoming Week

OK, so not Homecoming Week, but rather a week full of dress-up days (which, let's be honest, is really all Homecoming Week is really about for most of us ha!). Tucker's daycare had a week of dress up days this week for Halloween. I hope to get at least a pic up for each day to show you guys. Today was "Country Day". I put her in her overalls that she wears regularly anyway, but to make it truly country, I made yarn pigtails and sewed them into a hat for her. :-) Also notice her first pair of REAL shoes. They're a little bit too big, but the size smaller is too small, so we figure she can grow into them. They CRACK ME UP!!!
*Disclaimer: Drew assumes NO responsibility for the insanity that is the pigtails. He merely shook his head and laughed. *

(She's started sitting herself up - video to follow - in her chair now and reaching for her pants and feetsies.)



Zipidee said...

OK! Now those are pics! Wonder why the yarn pigtails make me see you?

Leslie said...

haha - that's fabulous! Just gives her that extra bit of cuteness needed to look like someone as adorable as I am I guess. haha!